17 Thanos Memes That Prove The Avengers Are Doomed

Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War is finally upon us. That also means that the Mad Titan himself is making his way to our universe. That’s right, Thanos is going to create some chaos and start stealing some shiny little stones for his Infinity Gauntlet.

Infinity War is rumored to contained over 60 heroes and one villain, and it still seems as though the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Spider-Man, and more have a great deal of struggle ahead of them. With Marvel saying that Phase 4 is going to be different than the rest of the phases so far, they are definitely implying that Thanos is going to be the catalyst for that change.

Thanos is sure to destroy the Avengers in Infinity War, and he boasts the resume to prove it. The Mad Titan, amongst many accomplishments, has taken out characters ranging from War Machine to Deadpool. Thanos is crazy enough to fall in love with Death herself, and in one storyline even destrpyed her. Thanos isn’t just a mindless brute, though - he also possesses super intelligence.

With a resume like that, it does not matter whether he is purple or blue, the Avengers and friends are in a whole new world of trouble.

Here are 17 Thanos Memes That Prove The Avengers Are Doomed.

17 Pain Scale

We have already established that Thanos is a titan in power, but this meme poses a decent question. In the image above, Tony Stark takes a hefty blow that could possibly take him out. After all, it only took the enraged Purple People Eater one punch to take out War Machine in the comics- and that was a punch in the stomach. In this case, Iron Man's chin is getting tested.

Some fan theories have pointed out that Iron Man may lose his life in the Infinity War saga. Rumors have spread of Tony Stark taking off the suit to potentially save Spider-Man from a brutal beatdown. In essence, this would pass the torch of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to Spider-Man, as we all know that Robert Downey Jr’s contractual run in the MCU is almost up.

16  16. No, You

Poor Cap, always trying to fight the good fight. The poster boy of the American dream is well-known for fighting for truth and justice, but this is a fight the faithful captain cannot win. In fact, in the comic books, he tried to stand up to Thanos, but the color-changing madman made short work of him.

While the meme shows him holding back a punch from Thanos (which is confusing in itself), it does present the fact that Captain America isn’t fighting Thanos, he is just defending himself.

Like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans’ contract is also nearing its end, leading to the rumors of his passing in the films. While he claims to have enjoyed his run as Captain America, he is excited to just sit around and eat ice cream and potato chips.

15 Thanos Only Needs Himself

In the first Avengers film, Loki opened a portal for an army of aliens to invade New York City. In Age of Ultron, the title character created an army of himself. Why? They knew they would need an army to take on the Avengers, who have an overpowered Hulk.

Thanos possesses such immense power that he doesn’t think he needs help, which gives the character a scary level of confidence.

With Thanos on the hunt for all six Infinity Stones, it is unlikely that the heroes will be able to curb his appetite for destruction, and balancing the universe. The film seems to be leaning toward what Thanos accomplished on Earth-616, which is snapping his fingers and eliminating half of the universe.

14 Team Thanos

Sure Iron Man can fly, shoot lasers, has super strength, and is a super smart recovering billionaire playboy. Captain America fights for truth and justice using his super soldier body and mind, but Thanos stands for destruction and absolute power. The other two pale in comparison to the giant. Thanos is an overwhelming force of madness and evil.

Like Cell in Dragon Ball Z, he’s not interested in conquering or ruling the planet. The common goal between these two villains is that they were both after being the most powerful, they live for challenging themselves. Thanos no longer cares about winning against others - he's so confident he will win. The Avengers are more likely to feel Thanos’ wrath rather than fight him.

13 An Ugly Mug

While he is going to make his debut onslaught against Avengers and company in Marvel’s Infinity War, it is not Thanos' first on-screen appearance. We first got to see Thanos at the end of the first Avengers movie, wherein he appeared with a leathery blue face with glowing eyes. Some fans aren’t happy about the most recent change to Thanos.

Thanos has been changed to a purple color, leaving him looking like the mean older brother of Grimace. The internet is full of references for the change to Thanos’ face ranging from comparing him to Patrick Star, a donut hunting Homer Simpson, and One Punch Man. Other changes include the fact that he no longer is wearing his helmet or heavy armor.

12 Thanos The Thinker

One of Thanos’ most underrated abilities is his super intellect. He has even managed to use the God of Thunder’s hammer, Mjolnir, despite being obviously unworthy: just hit the hammer with Thor!

Other than the Hulk, there aren’t a lot of characters that could hope to do that with Thor, but Thanos has - and hopefully will again. With his super intellect, brainy characters like Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and Steve Rogers will have a hard time keeping up with his dastardly plans.

Thor seems to be one of the characters that might survive, but some think that Loki sacrifice himself for his brother. Other theories include Captain America successfully wielding Mjolnir, and Captain Marvel making her debut in Infinity War. One thing is certain, when Thanos shows up, bad things are going to happen.

11 Civil War

“Because we've got so much cosmic-ness waiting, we are more than happy to keep it waiting. Because, you know ... Civil War is such a grounded argument, that you don't want to go, [whispers] Actually, that's not very important because there's a spaceman coming.” These were the words of Christopher Markus, one of the writers of Captain America: Civil War, about why Thanos did not appear in the film.

Thanos is such a powerful and unimaginable foe that his appearance would have uprooted the movie, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what was going on. In most of the comic books, Thanos tends to keep one eye on Earth. With the lack of his appearance in Civil War, he is sure to make even more waves when Infinity War hits theaters.

10 A Happy Thanos

Typically, Thanos is a very melancholy character, not showing a lot of emotion outside crushing his opponents. All he needs to do is collect all six Infinity Stones and prove that he is the most powerful being in the universe. That means Heimdall, Loki, and Vision could be targets, along with Captain America and Iron Man.

It is believed that Heimdall possesses the Soul stone - or possibly is the Soul stone, which really puts him in the crosshairs of Thanos. Heimdall is the keeper of the Bifrost Bridge, and he possesses an ability even Odin himself does not have. He has the ability to see into the soul, which is why some fans believe that he is the Soul gem.

Loki can be seen taking the Tesseract in Thor: Ragnarok, also making him a target.

9 Shoot For The Moon

How do you fight a guy with the ability to rip the moon right out of the sky? Answer: You don’t.

Audience members at the 2018 D23 and San Diego Comic-Con expos were lucky enough to get an exclusive preview of Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War. Photos from these clips were featured in an Entertainment Weekly preview of the film, but the clips have largely remained unspoiled online.

In these mysterious previews, Thanos gives the Avengers the moon - literally. Using the Infinity Gauntlet and only a few of the Infinity Stones, Thanos rips the moons out of the sky with minimum effort. Imagine what he could do if he got his hands on all of the Stones.

Some fan theories believe Thanos really did manage to snag all of the Infinity Stones before destroying the moon a different planet, giving the Avengers time to protect the Earth.

8 Earth's Lamest

If the ultimate villain is attacking your universe, who do you assemble to protect everyone? Well, the Avengers, aka Earth's Mightiest Heroes, of course.

We've got the super soldier and war vet who chides people on their PG-13 cursing. Then there's the half-Celestial who had a dance-off to get an Infinity Stone. There's also the supremely powerful sorcerer who wants to bargain with all-powerful evil entities. And then we've got the literal gods whose preferred fighting technique is pretending to faint and then being flung across a room.

It's no wonder Thanos is so confident these "mighty" heroes won't be able to stop him. Their surprisingly funny skill-sets don't exactly strike fear in the hearts of cosmic villains.

7 Thanos Vs Venom

Marvel’s Infinity War is set to release April 27th, 2018, while Venom releases October 5th, 2018, both are expected - or at least hoped - to be massive blockbusters. Infinity War is projected to gross between $200-235 million domestically in its opening weekend. Overall, it is projected to make $490-590 million domestically. IMDb predicts that it will gross a total of $1.6 billion.

IMDb also predicts that Venom will make an opening of $60 million, and a total of $180 million domestically, but should gross $400 million worldwide.

It seems as though Thanos is crushing enemies that don’t even exist in the MCU yet. Not only is Infinity War projected to outshine Venom, it looks like it may be able to break Black Panther’s records.

6 Thanos Wins

Who wins in a fight between Spider-Man and Thanos? Thanos, obviously, but the comic books offer us a different scenario, pitting the wall-crawler against Terraxia. Spider-Man must have known that he couldn’t beat Thanos when he left him to Thor and tried to take on his sidekick. Unfortunately, the friendly neighborhood hero made a bad decision, as she beat the life out of him.

It doesn’t take much imagination to put together how a fight between Spidey and Thanos would actually go. Let's not forget that the trailer shows Thanos beating Spider-Man pretty badly, and that is with the help of the Iron Spider suit. Although it is not likely Spidey will perish in the battle with Thanos, he may have a big bad bully waiting for him.

5 Negan And Thanos

Negan and Thanos not only share a love for powerful inanimate objects, Lucille and the Infinity Gauntlet, respectively, but they both drop into the heroes world and start causing all sorts of mayhem. When Negan showed up in Virginia it blew Glenn’s mind. We don’t know who Thanos is going to wipe out, but showrunners and actors have promised heroes will lose their lives.

Fan theories point to Vision and Captain America. Given that Vision has an Infinity Stone in the middle of his forehead, things can’t be expected to go well for Tony Stark’s creation. And Captain America, well, we all know Chris Evans wants out of the MCU.

When Sebastian Stan answered the call to become the Winter Soldier, it was believed Marvel was giving Evans his wish, but with evidence of Bucky becoming the White Wolf in the near future, this one is totally up in the air.

4 Drax Gets Destroyed (Maybe)

It has been confirmed that the Guardians of the Galaxy will be featured in Marvel’s Infinity War. Drax the Destroyer will probably come face to face with the Mad Titan. In the comics, Drax has a fever, and the only way to cure it is to destroy more Thanos. The fights between Thanos and Drax have gone both ways in the comics.

In one iteration, Drax attempts to destroy Thanos, but instead makes him angry and is subsequently disintegrated as the other members of the Guardians watch in horror. In another iteration of the comics, Drax is able to punch through the chest of Thanos, demolishing him. It is a little difficult to imagine the Drax from the MCU committing such a brutal act.

3 Everybody Fights Thanos

Thanos has proven time and again that he is a powerful character seeking omnipotent power over the universe. While he may seem to be brooding and melancholy, he also lives to shed the blood of his enemies - or just about anyone that gets in his way. If the heroes tried to fight Thanos one on one, it's obvious who the victory would go to, and that would bore the Mad Tita, along with members of the audience.

Since the film is slated to have 60 or more heroes in it, this makes it much more interesting to watch. Scarlett Johansson has even teased that there is a shot in the movie boasting 32 characters at once, not just extras.

It doesn’t matter that Thanos is stronger than all of them at that point, because he will be amused.

2 The Heroes Will Take Themselves Out

It’s basically become a trope at this point. At least once in every shared movie, the heroes will set aside whatever they are doing and throw down with each other. This meme playfully points out the heroes habit of kicking each others’ butts and how this could play directly into Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet-covered hand, giving him plenty of time to sit back and relax while the heroes wipe each other out.

Of course, with an enemy as dangerous Thanos, the heroes finally put their differences aside to take down their nemesis side by side - in the comics, at least. With Cap looking like he’s ready to take on the Nomad persona with his bushy beard and black suit in Infinity War, the heroes may find themselves squaring off with Steve Rogers in between rounds with Thanos.

1 The Vision (Is Probably Doomed)

Many fans expect Vision to be destroyed in Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos will come searching for that mind-controlling Infinity Stone and not even the stone’s psychic abilities will be able to protect Tony Stark’s robotic creation from Thanos’ wrath. There’s precedent for that.

Some hopeful fans may hold out in believing that Vision could save the day by using the Mind Stone to control Thanos. That was how Loki used the Stone, after all. But knowing what we know about Thanos’ intellect, according to the comics, that would be impossible. Charles Xavier, one of the most powerful psychics in all of Marvel, attempted to do just that, to disastrous results.

If Vision were able to use the stone as a weapon against Thanos it would be quite a departure from the comic version of the story.


Do you think the Avengers are doomed in Infinity War? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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