Netflix Mocks MCU's Thanos Visual Effects

Spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War


Netflix pokes fun at Thanos' evolving looks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Mad Titan finally made his official debut in Avengers: Infinity War as he started to actively seek all six Infinity Gems. By the end, the intergalactic villain was able to accomplish his mission in wiping out half of the population by enacting his iconic snap from the comics as Earth's Mightiest Heroes failing in their mission to save the universe.

Fans had their first look at Thanos all the way back from 2012's The Avengers. Since then the villain only appeared a few times in short cameos via various MCU movies until he made his grand entrance in Infinity War. Over the years, the Mad Titan has gone through several changes in his appearance - something that people who have been following the franchise for years didn't miss. But it was Netflix who actually pointed it out in a hilarious jab.

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Taking it to the official Twitter account of the streaming giant is a "Before and After" comparison to illustrate the ever-changing look of the purple antagonist. The shade, however, came via the caption where Netflix used an anomalous title which is worthy of becoming tabloid article header. While some people took the joke as it is, and even joining the fun, some were irritated about it and advised the company to not criticize other people's work when some of their own shows have really poor CGI work, even worse than what Marvel Studios pulled off. Check out the tweet and the discussion it spawned below:

Despite the ribbing, in truth, Thanos is possibly one of the best CG characters out there. Marvel Studios was successfully able to morph Josh Brolin's face with the Mad Titan's iconic ridged purple front profile, a testament to how much time and attention the company devoted in getting the character right, as well as the talent and dedication of the countless artist who worked on the character. The fact that they were able to capture the actor's varied facial expressions as he went through a cocktail of emotions definitely helped Brolin's performance be more captivating and effective.

However aside from the changing looks, the finer details of Thanos' MCU story has also changed over the last several years - something that may bum those who are very particular with continuity. Nonetheless, the Russo brothers and writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely were able to successfully pull off Avengers: Infinity War the best way they could've considering the list of things it needed to accomplish. And while there are issues,  the Mad Titan delivered and is arguably the best MCU villain, continuing the tradition in Phase 3 of having more developed bad guys such as Spider-Man: Homecoming's Vulture, as well as Black Panther's Killmonger.

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