Thanos #13: Did [SPOILER] Just Become A Galactus-Powered Ghost Rider?

Marvel's Thanos #13 introduces a new Ghostrider from the future, past Herald of Galactus, and servant of Thanos, and drops hints at their identity.

Final Warning: this article contains spoilers for Thanos #13, which is the beginning of the new "Thanos Wins" arc

It looks like a Deadpool might have an interesting new role in the Marvel universe: as the future cosmic Ghostrider. The latest issue of Thanos, the Mad Titan's current title, started a new story arc this month after #12 wrapped up the story of how Thanos lost and regained his incredible powers. The first twelve issues saw him struggling, as Lady Death gave him a kind of super-cancer, and teamed up with his son, Thane, to try and take him down. This arc ended with a massive battle between Thanos and Thane (who was using the Phoenix Force to try and level the playing field), that saw Thanos regain his full strength and take down his son with ease.

Now, Thanos is back in business and looking for more worlds to conquer and things to kill in Thanos #13... and it seems that he is going to be successful. A trip to the future brings Thanos face to face with his older self, and also introduces a new Ghostrider to the Marvel Universe. This new spirit of vengeance isn't a new character, though. It looks like this a very familiar face putting a spin on the Ghostrider legacy...

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In this issue, the new Ghostrider appears as Thanos has conquered the Chitauri homeworld, and is spoiling for a fight. He blazes out of the sky, and overpowers Thanos shockingly quickly, using chains forged from the bones of Cyttorak. With Thanos tied, he whips out a fragment of the time gem, and uses it to pull Thanos behind his bike and into the future, where an older version of Thanos waits to greet him. The identity of this new Ghostrider is not officially revealed in this issue, but from his description and attitude, fans are assuming that it is none other than Deadpool.

Deadpool as future Ghostrider in Thanos #13

This assumption comes from a few different things in Thanos #13. The biggest tell is the new Ghostrider's way of speaking; he is cracking wise from the get-go, and speaks with the same kind of tone that Deadpool is known for. His utter calm when faced with a fight is also very reminiscent of the Merc with a Mouth, and he's certainly having some fun with his capture of Thanos. That's not the only reason that it looks like Deadpool becomes the Spirit of Vengeance in the far future of Marvel, though.

There are a couple of other hints in the issue about who this could be. The first is that he is described as a former Herald of Galactus 'imbued with cosmic power'. As we know from 2009's 'Deadpool Team-Up #883', Deadpool has actually been a Herald of Galactus in the past. In addition, this Ghostrider-from-the-future is 'quite insane', fond of swearing, and 'when he was alive, you may have known him by another name'. Who else fits all this as well as Deadpool?

Of course, there is no guarantee that this is the latest incarnation of Wade Wilson to join the Marvel universe, and until he is officially named as such, there's still a chance that this new Ghostrider could be someone else. However, with all the signs pointing at Deadpool (and the massive popularity of the character) it looks like he is going to be bringing some humor to the adventures of Thanos in future issues, and we can't wait to see more... and to learn how this change came about.

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