Thanos Has Full Infinity Gauntlet in Avengers 3 Promo Art

Thanos is the star of the latest piece of promotional art to arrive for Avengers: Infinity War. Faithful audience members who have followed the progression of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been waiting since 2012's The Avengers to see a tease properly fulfilled. The brief look at Thanos in the mid-credits scene was enough to get comic fans buzzing with excitement over what his arrival would mean, and he will finally make his grand entrance next year in Infinity War. No longer sitting on the sidelines, for the epic culmination he's been described as the main character.

Since the middle of the summer, Marvel has slowly started to unveil what they have in store for Thanos (Josh Brolin) and Infinity War as a whole. His statue loomed large at D23 and he got prominent placement in the SDCC banner, but that's nothing on the big impression made in the exclusive teaser trailer played at both events. Now, another new look at the Mad Titan has arrived.

Sticker company Savii recently teased an upcoming launch of merchandise for Infinity WarMCU Exchange has shared a new look at Thanos that was included in said announcement. It is not the most revealing look by any means, but continues to show Thanos' new look for the film, as well as a fully equipped Infinity Gauntlet.

This is the first sign of merchandising gearing up for Infinity War, so fans should expect to start seeing plenty of other new looks at the familiar characters. Marvel has been incredibly tight-lipped about the film - they haven't even officially announced the cast - so there's sure to be some big new details in there.

Should toys and various other forms of merchandise continue to arrive, it will also further build excitement for a proper, widely available trailer. Kevin Feige has already confirmed the first look will arrive before Thor: Ragnarok, and that film's November opening only leaves a few more weeks for Marvel to drop the highly anticipated teaser.

That said, it won't arrive much earlier as it's also expected that Black Panther will get a new trailer soon, and its February release makes it a priority. Marvel will want to put at least a few weeks between the different trailers so that Black Panther gets its due before Infinity War presumably becomes an even bigger discussion point.

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Source: Savii, MCU Exchange

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