Thanos Just Returned From The Dead in [SPOILER]'s Body

WARNING: The following contains SPOILERS for Guardians of the Galaxy #5

Even though Thanos was killed by Gamora in the previous Marvel comic event, Guardians of the Galaxy readers had to assume that wasn't the last we would see of him. No one ever really stays dead in the comics, especially a power hungry Titan. And fans were right... because Thanos just returned in a brand new body.

After Thanos was killed back in Infinity Wars: Prime, a meeting was called to discuss his last will and testament. Anyone who is anyone was invited, and the news was revealed that Thanos had plans to resurrect. Knowing that he was going to be a target for many, he made plans to be able to upload his consciousness to another body -- but who would he choose? Now the bombshell has been dropped, revealing Thanos decided to keep it in the family.

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This news sparked a hunt for Gamora, as she was the most likely vessel for the Mad Titan's reincarnation. After being on the run, and witnessing what she thought was the death of someone she truly loved, Gamora is captured by the Dark Guardians. They deliver her to Eros, who has been waiting for her. Gamora seems shocked that Eros is behind all of this, claiming that she thought he was better than that. He responds by telling her she meant nothing to Thanos, "He never cared about you. You know that, yes? You were always a pawn for him. Something to bargain with. To use, he made you for this. So you would become him."

Hela, the Asguardian Goddess of Death, who has been working with Eros to restore Thanos turns on the Dark Guardians with the Black Order at her side. They attack Gladiator, Ghost Rider, and threaten Nebula. It is then that Hela admits Gamora was never going to be the new vessel for Thanos, and she was merely a distraction.

She goes on to explain the plan that her and Thanos went over a thousand times, "Pit you all against each other so your wouldn't see the pieces coming together right in front of your face." As soon as Hela announces that Thanos was always going to come back as one thing...a titan, it clicks for Eros. But it is too late, and Gamora watches her Uncle change right in front of her, as Thanos takes over his body. Peter and the rest of the Guardians show up just in time -- to be too late. They are greeted by a crying Gamora who realizes everything she has done during the Infinity Wars event (you remember when she almost destroyed the entire universe with the Infinity Stones), was for nothing.

Starfox is a member of The Eternals, who we know are coming to the big screen soon. Could this be a potential story line that the MCU addresses -- both with the Dark Guardians in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and The Eternals? And what is next in Marvel Comics? On the last page of Guardians of the Galaxy #5, we see Thanos' body come back to life. Will it be able to hold him? And will Eros survive the transference? Thanos seems to think it won't, but only the next issue will reveal it for certain.

Guardians of the Galaxy #5 is on sale now from Marvel Comics, and at your local comic shop.

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