What To Expect From Tomorrow's Thane vs. Thanos Fight

Thane has the power of the Phoenix and is using it to inflict catastrophic damage across the universe in order to please Death, and to stop him, what was once Thane's team of Nebula, Starfox, and Tryco Slatterus now has to rely on Thanos to be the hero. Jeff Lemire's awesome cosmic adventure saw Thanos and and his son Thane battle it out in Thanos #11 - while Death watched with glee - as the planet they fought upon blew up.

The issue ended with Thane, Thanos and the others, now back at the God Quarry, the source of Thanos' rejuvenation, and it all ends this week with Thanos #12. Screen Rant has the exclusive preview for the final part of this story, with wonderful art by German Peralta and a gorgeous cover by Mike Deodato Jr.. Check out Deodato Jr.'s issue 11 cover and thank us later - it's one for the ages!

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Note: the cover and first six pages are included which can be considered spoilers!

If you've not been reading Lemire's Thanos series which began last year, Thanos was weak and dying, which kickstarted the journey of Thane attempting to take him out once and for all. But, like his father, he hunger for power took him too far and he sought a Phoenix Egg to acquire the power of the Phoenix, betraying his team (Nebula, Tryco, and Thanos' brother Starfox). Now the host of the Phoenix, and with Death manipulating him, Thane became an evil killer - forcing Thane's team to switch sides, save Thanos, and hope he can take out his son.

It all comes to this: the battle between Thanos and his son Thane comes to a violent and universe-shaking climax.

It's a case of the lesser of two evils and it all ends tomorrow.

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Thanos #12 releases October 25, 2017.

Source: Marvel

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