Thanksgiving TV Marathon Guide 2012 - James Bond, 'Star Wars', 'Castle' & More


6:00pm - Turkey in the Straw, Part 1 (S3E6)

6:30pm - Turkey in the Stray, Part 2

7:00pm - Looking For Lucky (S1E3)

7:30pm - Baby, You Can Drive My Car (S1E10)

8:00pm - Wild Thing (S1E18)

8:30pm - Going Out of My Head Over You

9:00pm - The Ballad of Gilligan's Island (S2E2)

9:30pm - The Boy Next Door(S2E13)

10:00pm - Someone to Watch Over Me - Part 1 (S2E16)

10:30pm - Someone to Watch Over Me - Part 2

11:00pm - Stairway to Heaven (S3E2)

11:30pm - Oh, Tannerbaum (S1E12)

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