Thanksgiving TV Marathon Guide 2012 - James Bond, 'Star Wars', 'Castle' & More


2:00pm – View From Up Here (S4E10)

3:00pm – Stress Position (S4E13)

4:00pm – Zoonotic (S2E22)

5:00pm – The Gift (S3E3)

6:00pm - But Not Forgotten

7:00pm – Unrequited (S3E12)

8:00pm – Great Barrier (S4E4)

9:00pm – Magnificat (S4E7)

10:00pm – Silver Lining

11:00pm – Inert Dwarf (S4E12)


12:00am – View From Up Here (S4E10)

1:00am – Stress Position (S4E13)

Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur Fleck in Joker and Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight
Joker Finally Finishes What The Dark Knight Started

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