'Thanks For Sharing' Trailer: Sex Addict Mark Ruffalo Seeks Romance with Gwyneth Paltrow

Mark Ruffalo and Tim Robbins in 'Thanks for Sharing'

Perhaps the most memorable movie about sex addiction in recent years was Steve McQueen's Shame, a dark and troubling tale with Michael Fassbender as the self-destructive lead and Carey Mulligan as his chaotic younger sister. Shame had a particularly despairing tone, and so now to act as a counterpoint comes Stuart Blumberg's Thanks for Sharing, a romcom about three sex addicts at various stages of treatment in a 12-step recovery program.

The three men striving to free themselves from addiction are Adam (Mark Ruffalo), Mike (Tim Robbins) and Neil (Josh Gad). After five years of sobriety, Adam starts falling for Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow - ten internet points to whoever makes the best Avengers joke), and must navigate his way into a relationship without falling back into his old habits.

The first trailer for Thanks for Sharing debuted earlier this summer, and showed off the more drama-oriented side of the film. The second trailer is a little more light-hearted, comedic and romantic, and definitely feels like it's in a similar vein to The Kids are All Right, which Blumberg co-wrote and Ruffalo also starred in. The interaction between the characters comes across as quite naturalistic, and the chemistry between all the actors looks like it will be strong. Thanks for Sharing also stars Alecia Moore, who is best known by her pop star pseudonym Pink, in her first major film role as another sex addict who becomes a romantic interest for Neil.

Mark Ruffalo and Tim Robbins in 'Thanks for Sharing'

Thanks for Sharing also seems to be tackling the tougher aspects of recovering from an addiction when constantly faced with temptation. In a culture where sex is used to sell everything from cars to perfume, and even getting on the subway means being in close proximity to beautiful people (people who use the subway are sexy - it's a fact), staying on the wagon must sometimes feel like a near-impossible task.

Based on the talent involved alone, Thanks for Sharing looks like it will definitely be worth checking out upon release. Let us know if you liked what you saw in this trailer, or if Blumberg's work just isn't for you, in the comments.


Thanks for Sharing hits theatres on September 20, 2013.

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