District 9 (Apparently) More Action-Packed Than We Thought

Those of us who checked out District 9 this summer, after a long, hot string of disappointing blockbusters, nabbed themselves one of the summer's most rewarding, worthwhile and technically impressive films. One thing that stood out about the film (as a blockbuster) was that it wasn't just about the action, but rather had a whole lot more food for thought, along with the explosions, chases and gunfire.

Well, Thai audiences MIGHT walk away sorely disappointed after looking at these District 9 posters, purchasing their tickets and settling into their seats to watch (what they think is) an action-packed movie, only to find out that it's not as full-on as the posters suggested. Before I say anymore, take a look at the two tragically misleading posters below (click for larger size):


[Warning: Moderate SPOILERS ahead]

If Thai audiences are to go by that first poster, then the movie features an army of robot suits that are on the attack. As those who have seen District 9 know, there's only one of those suits to be found in the movie - granted, it provides much of the action towards the end, but that first poster makes it seem like that's what the whole movie is about. And if they're to go by that second poster, then there is multiple giant alien spacecrafts hovering above the city of Johannesburg, South Africa, as opposed to the one that features in the actual movie itself.


It's understandable in the world of movie marketing to play up of certain aspects of a film (in this case, the action), but to flat-out mislead people with promo posters that simply aren't accurate is another thing altogether. I haven't seen any of the other Thai advertisements for the movie, but if these posters are anything to go by, Thailand is in for a big surprise when District 9 opens.

What do YOU think about these two misleading posters?

District 9 opens on September 17th in Thailand, and is already on release in the U.S. and UK. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend you do so ASAP.

Source: IMPAwards (thanks to FirstShowing)

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