Leatherface Interrupts Sexy Time in First ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ Clip

Tania Raymonde and Trey Songz in Texas Chainsaw 3D

Just because Leatherface is lurking around the corner doesn’t mean the characters of John Luessenhop’s Texas Chainsaw 3D can’t have some sexy time. In the first clip from the January 4, 2013 release, Nikki (Tania Raymonde) and Ryan (Trey Songz) are forced to button back up when a revving chainsaw interrupts their romance. The pair is just along for the ride to check out the inheritance their friend Heather (Alexandra Daddario) scores from her grandmother – a mansion.

Too bad for Nikki and Ryan, Heather isn’t aware that a certain vicious chainsaw toting member of the Sawyer family has already laid claim to the property.

The clip’s got a nice look, packed with appealing imagery and bathed in an eerie yellow hue, but you also can’t help to wonder, what are these characters thinking? There seems to be a pretty good distance between the barn and the cemetery, putting a great deal of space between themselves and Leatherface, yet they opt to move so slow– screaming and twirling in circles – that they let him get close enough to put their lives at risk.

Tania Raymonde and Trey Songz in Texas Chainsaw 3D

Then we’ve got the car. Approximately ten seconds pass between the exit of the chainsaw and the appearance of the car’s headlights. Perhaps the clip was trimmed and the full feature will reveal a time lapse, but as it stands, it implies that in a mere ten seconds, Leatherface dashes a good distance away, gets in his car and starts it up to ram it through the barn doors. As a diehard campy slasher fan, I’m all for suspending disbelief, but really?

Even when we were only working off the trailer, it was quite clear that this isn’t a film you want to put under a microscope and now this clip inches closer to proving it – but there isn’t necessarily something wrong with that. Texas Chainsaw 3D is all about returning to Texas and squeezing a little more out of the Leatherface legend and just like the 2009 Friday the 13th, the 2010 A Nightmare on Elm Street and even Scream 4 for that matter, odds are, it won’t come close to contending with the quality of the original, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a bloody good ride.


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