Tetris Battle Royale Is Coming To Mobile (& It's NOT Tetris 99)

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Soon, the Switch's Tetris 99 won't be the only battle royale puzzler on the block, as another officially licensed title, Tetris Royale, has also picked up its central battle royale premise, and it's coming to mobile.

Tetris 99 both puzzled and intrigued gaming audiences earlier this year when it was suddenly released and made free for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Hopping onto the battle royale craze spearheaded by games like Fortnite and Apex LegendsTetris 99 took a very different approach to the industry trend. Playing much like regular Tetris, but allowing players to attack one another with junk lines of grey tetrominoes, that Tetris battle royale title pit 99 players against one another in a fight for survival, and - much to everyone's surprise - it wasn't half-bad. Tetris Royale is even later to the battle royale party, but it seems to have instead set its sights on the lucrative mobile market.

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Announced on Friday, June 28 by the sole rightsholder of the four-block puzzle empire, The Tetris CompanyTetris Royale is an upcoming mobile game that will allow players to have what sounds like a very comparable on-the-go competitive puzzler experience on their phones rather than Nintendo's hybrid handheld console. "Built from the ground up" by developer N3TWORK as part of a new contract to develop multiple Tetris mobile games for the publisher, Tetris Royale will be "a fast and fun Tetris game with large-scale friendly competition at its core." Having apparently failed to penetrate the increasingly coveted Chinese market as part of this deal, the game will be beta tested this year for iOS and Android devices in select territories and later released everywhere but China.

Tetris 99 gameplay screen 11

Though there's no gameplay or promotional footage to speak of at this point, The Tetris Company (while insistently and perplexingly referring to the game as a "mode") claims that "players will battle their way to the top of the leaderboards every season" and be given "the ability to complete daily challenges," the latter of which will allow them to "earn rewards including customization options as well as power-ups and boosters that can be used in battle." Obviously, anyone even vaguely familiar with the longtime, always worsening state of the mobile market should be entirely unsurprised to see mentions of power-ups and boosters in what's being touted as a competitive online experience.

Despite its homework being very late and looking remarkably similar to what Arika and Nintendo already submitted with Tetris 99, mobile gamers do have reason to remain cautiously optimistic about Tetris Royale for now. Until gameplay says otherwise, Tetris Royale may yet have some gameplay innovations up its sleeves.

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Source: The Tetris Company

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