Tetris 99 Guide: Best Tips On How To Win The Tetris Battle Royale

As one of the most beloved puzzle games of all time, gamers were shocked to learn that Tetris would be entering the battle royale genre with a Nintendo Switch exclusive game. Announced during Nintendo's latest Direct presentation, Tetris 99 immediately is a new take on a genre that's traditionally been meant for shooters.

Despite this, the developers behind this game have managed to innovate with aspects of the genre in the wake others like the wildly successful Apex Legends arriving to challenge Fortnite for the metaphorical battle royale throne. In total, there are 99 players competing against one another in Tetris 99, making it a rather aptly named piece of software.

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As one might imagine, the last player left standing by the end of a game is the winner. Truthfully, the premise itself is simple to grasp, but competitive Tetris is quite a bit more challenging than it may seem at a glance. In fact, it will take a lot more than just stacking up blocks and scoring points to stay alive.

Tetris 99 Tips: How to Win

While the basic premise of Tetris has made the transition over to this game, the battle royale mechanics require a lot of strategizing for those that are eager to secure victory. At times, stacking up bricks for a point payoff isn't the safest call when several opponents are focusing their attention (and blocks) on the player. It's not going to be easy, but fans have the best shot at winning if they remember the following Tetris 99 tips:

  • Always Target Attacking Players - Players will know when enemies are focusing their attacks on them when lines connecting one of the tiny portraits on the side of the screen to their Tetris board. If this is happening, use the left analogue stick to highlight the other user. Doing so can result in them being KO'd or they'll get scared and shift to another player.
  • When Multiple Players Are Piling On, Focus On Clearing Lines - If multiple opponents target the user in the early goings, it's possible for that individual to be eliminated in a matter of seconds. When multiple people are piling on, players need to simply focus on staying alive. Clearing blocks as fast as humanly possible is the name of the game in this scenario, but utilizing the above tactic can help deter would-be attackers in these moments.
  • When Pressure Lets Up, Stack To Clear Multiple Lines At Once - It may be tempting at times to clear a row in Tetris 99 as soon as humanly possible, but it's actually better to hold off on doing so. Building up towards a multi-line clear will only further hinder any targeted opponents, and the sooner those individuals bite the dust the closer the player will inch towards victory.
  • Keep an 'I' Block in the Hold - The best way to clear out lines summoned by an enemy is to send in an 'I' block. Stacked in a straight line measuring four blocks tall, players are able to tuck this block away in their 'Hold' by hitting the left shoulder button. When the opportunity presents itself, the use can summon the block by once again hitting the left should button.

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Tetris 99 is available to download from the eShop now for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers on Nintendo Switch.

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