Tessa Thompson Wants Creed 2 Helmer to Direct Valkyrie Solo Movie

If Thor: Ragnarok's Valkryie were to get a solo movie in the MCU, Tessa Thompson wants her Creed II director Steven Caple Jr. to helm the project. Acting steadily in Hollywood since the mid-2000s, Thompson made early appearances on TV shows like Veronica Mars and Heroes, as well as in films like When a Stranger Calls. In the current decade, Thompson's level of stardom has shot through the roof, appearing in acclaimed movies like Dear White People, Selma, and 2015's first Creed film.

While Thompson's done great work in 2018 films like Annihilation and Sorry to Bother You, it's safe to say that her biggest claim to fame so far is playing badbass boozer Valkyrie in director Taika Waititi's beloved 2017 MCU entry Thor: Ragnarok. An Asgardian warrior who fled following the slaughtering of her comrades by Thor's sister Hela, Valkyrie proved to be both a hilarious source of comic relief and a featured player in many of Ragnarok's spectacular action scenes.

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Marvel Studios has yet to officially say whether or not Valkyrie will play a part in Avengers 4, although that's not surprising, since the level of secrecy around that team-up extravaganza is akin to the level of security at Fort Knox. Still, Thompson has previously confirmed that Valkyrie survived Thanos' fateful snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, and social media posts a while back led many to believe that Thompson hitched a ride with Chris Hemsworth to Avengers 4's Atlanta set for reshoots. That aside, if Valkyrie ever receives her own individual MCU spotlight, Thompson recently suggested Creed II's Steven Caple Jr. direct the solo movie. The statement came during a Q&A after a screening of Creed II in London, as reported by Trailer Track's Anton Volkov.

As mentioned in the above tweet, Thompson floated the idea of Caple Jr. helming a Valkyrie movie in response to a question about whether he would look to follow Creed director Ryan Coogler's lead and make a jump over to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's unclear at present what Caple Jr's response (if any) was to that question, or Thompson's suggestion for his next gig. If Caple Jr does indeed decide to return for the seemingly inevitable Creed III though, that could potentially be a stumbling block in the way of him working on anything with Marvel soon. Creed II had the highest opening of the entire Rocky franchise, so MGM will likely want to fast track a follow-up.

At present, Marvel Studios has announced no concrete plans for a Valkyrie solo film, but again, they've been extremely tight-lipped on just about everything concerning the MCU's Phase 4. With DC's Wonder Woman serving as the first major female-led superhero film, and Marvel soon to follow with Captain Marvel and a Black Widow solo effort, the wind does seem to be blowing in the direction of more MCU movies with female heroes in the lead.

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Source: Anton Volkov

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