Terry Crews Responds To Critics Of His Sexual Assault Allegations

Terry Crews

Terry Crews has responded to criticism he's received upon speaking up about his own sexual abuse. Upon announcing and sharing his own experience for the #MeToo movement, the actor sadly received a large amount of backlash online.

In October 2017, Crews – who is well known for his involvement in shows such as Brooklyn Nine Nine – explained that he was the victim of sexual assault committed by a high-level executive within Hollywood. Crews decided to break his silence and share his own experience with sexual assault following the accusations against Harvey Weinstein – which have since been proven. In the series of tweets that he posted, Crews explained that he didn’t speak out due to the fear of being commended and reprimanded for doing so. After speaking up, the actor went onto file a law suit against the WME agent Adam Venit in December, but last month it was decided that no charges would be pressed.

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Earlier today, Crews used Twitter to respond to the criticism that he has received for speaking up about his own struggles and experiences with the subject with another tweet. The tweet consists of the actor asking himself the typical questions that have been fired at him since speaking up about his own sexual assault. As he goes onto answer the questions with repeated responses, the ridicule that he’s been put through becomes clear. After being mocked by rapper 50 Cent on Instagram, Crews decided once again to speak up against the critics and share his own thoughts on the "joke."

Crews has received a lot of praise for the tweet, which highlights the struggles and questions that victims of sexual abuse so often face. As well as being called the "epitome of strength," he was also admired for using his stance within the industry to speak out and bring attention to the issue.

Due to the empowerment of the #MeToo movement, many more celebrities have found the strength to speak up about their own sexual abuse experiences and explain how certain people abuse their power within the industry. While it’s understandably incredibly tough for every victim of sexual abuse, Crews faced an immense amount of criticism for speaking up about his abuse as so many people still believe that men cannot be the victims of sexual assault.

With the type of negative response that Terry Crews received, it’s really no wonder why so many men are frightened of speaking up and gaining justice for their experiences. Instead of being offered sympathy, men are often mocked and used as comedic value if they claim to be a victim of sexual assault. This is an issue that’s present throughout all aspects of society, though, hopefully, those with a foot-hold in the industry will use their voices to combat the stigma further.

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Source: Terry Crews/Twitter

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