This Year's Best Yule Log Video Is Terry Crews Exploding

Terry Crews yells within an exploding fireplace in this 60-minute yule log video from Old Spice - surely the best one of 2017.

Terry Crews yells within an exploding fireplace in this 60-minute Yule log video from Old Spice - surely the best video of its kind released in 2017. Yule log videos have become something of a cultural phenomenon over the last few years, as viewers around the world have enjoyed bringing the joyous imagery of a festive fire into their homes via computer screens and the magic of the internet.

As you’d expect from Old Spice, this video plays with the conventions of the festive season whilst reinforcing the grooming company’s own traditions: shouting, over-the-top manliness and hyper-aware marketing. There’s even a knitted cameo from Isaiah Mustafa (aka The Other Old Spice Guy) to keep the completists happy.

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But Crews is very much the star of the show this time around. Fans of his particular oeuvre of high-volume comedy will surely be thrilled to see him back in action in another Old Spice ad. And it’s a very long one at that: this video consists of a 20-minute loop featuring over 3,500 explosions and numerous Crews clips.

“What holiday tradition isn’t more exciting with the addition of explosions?” asks Old Spice’s official press release, and nobody could argue with that lovely sentiment. This epic interpretation of the Yule log tradition is certainly memorable, thanks in no small part to Crews’ ever-enthusiastic performance. There’s something quite hypnotic about watching the video and waiting for Crews’ head to pop up and tell you to buy Old Spice holiday packs.

However, as much fun as this video is for fans of Crews and the Old Spice branding, it’s hard to picture anyone actually using it as a relaxing Yule log video to put on in the background at home. It’s also tough to imagine Old Spice making any new fans with this piece of marketing, which reuses all of the familiar elements that the brand is already famous for.

Of course, though, Old Spice will want to stay fresh in the minds of its fans. This video could serve to remind a few of them to put a few Old Spice products on their Christmas lists. Or perhaps those fans could just send the video to their loved ones, seeding the idea in a highly obvious way. Old Spice isn't about subtlety, after all.

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