Why Terry Crews Prefers Caffeine Streaming To Twitch

Terry Crews Prefers Caffeine To Twitch

Twitch has seemingly become synonymous with video game streaming, but Terry Crews prefers Caffeine, a different streaming app that offers greater control and management for viewers and hosts. The actor, activist, former NFL player, and star of the upcoming game Crackdown 3, Crews has been at the proud center of numerous social justice concerns, including testimony related to the Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act.

Crackdown 3 is the newest entry in Microsoft’s long-running franchise, though it’s been nearly a decade since its previous sequel first debuted on the Xbox 360. Featuring an open-world city sandbox filled with gang factions, vehicles, copious explosions, and buildings to scale and leap over, the series evolved into a kind of flagship franchise for Microsoft, and this highly-anticipated exclusive arrives to Xbox One consoles later this month.

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With the announcement of Terry Crews’ addition to the game as the central Agent character Commander Jaxon, the idea of setting up a fully-featured Let’s Play stream to coincide with the release seems like a no-brainer. Speaking with Screen Rant, Crews described his hesitancy to broadcast using the Twitch platform in specific, and described how he normally prefers the recently launched streaming app Caffeine, which affords hosts several tools to grant them better refinement of the viewer-base.

Any plans to maybe do like, a Terry Crews Crackdown 3 livestream, a Let’s Play series on Twitch, anything like that?

Terry Crews: Well you know, one thing about Twitch is that it can just be really really toxic at times, especially now. When I look at, even the Gillette ad I did; boy, I got a lot of blowback on that. So it’s one of those things man, I’m 50 years old and I just got my feelings hurt! Like, wow, I didn’t know that would affect me that much!

But there is an app called Caffeine that is more insular, a little more protected, and the people who you’re gonna play with, your social circle, is hand-picked. And, so that’s the app I’ve been streaming on. I might do one big Twitch [stream], just to see how it goes, and hopefully it doesn’t get too mean. You know, just to make sure everything is cool. And again, I don’t mind Twitch, I like Twitch, but the problem is, sometimes, with being famous, it can get a little mean, you know what I mean? And I like to feel good sometimes [laughs]. I don’t want to have to have therapy after I do every stream! You know what I mean?

It’s a bold statement for a prominent, highly recognizable Hollywood star to make on game streaming, at a time when the world’s biggest streaming platform regularly comes under fire for some strange decisions that may compromise the safety of its streamers. Games like Fortnite launched into the zeitgeist on Twitch, along with streamer personalities like Ninja who would evolve into modern-day celebrities alongside their success with these games.

Crackdown 3 Wrecking Zone

Terry Crews, on the other hand, rose to stardom well outside of the gaming space, through his abundant work on TV, film, and even social activism, with outspoken and articulate stances on sexual assault in the entertainment industry, including what he himself experienced firsthand. While it seems like his preference to streaming on Caffeine is definitely due to personal reasons of self-care, it’s hard not to intuit this statement as a somewhat damning assessment of Twitch’s current struggle to maintain the safety of their streamers while engaging viewers and commenters.

Still, it sounds like Twitch fans may at least get one big Terry Crews Crackdown 3 stream in the near future and — with the release date looming in just a week — we should expect a related announcement very soon.

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Crackdown 3 releases on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows platforms on February 15.

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