What To Expect From The Terror Season 3

The Terror Season 3

The Terror season 3 can continue the horror anthology series for AMC and give viewers another captivating, historical-based story. What's begun to happen in recent years is that networks are starting to see the potential in creating anthology stories, especially ones that dive into the past and deliver concise, conclusive narratives. After the success of FX's American Horror Story, TNT joined the trend with The Alienist, with AMC airing The Terror.

The Terror season 1 focused on the real-life British ship of the same name, which attempted to find the Northwest Passage in the mid-19th century. Unfortunately, all crew members of The Terror were ultimately killed. AMC took the story and added some supernatural-esque elements to it. In the end, The Terror season 1 was successful enough for the network to renew the series for a second season, this time taking the story to World War II.

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Officially titled The Terror: Infamy, season 2 focused on the United States' Japanese internment camps, specifically following one family's haunting from a yurei ghost. Of course, parts of the story are tied to the real world, whereas other parts have obviously had liberties taken. Now that The Terror season 2 has come to a close, fans are looking ahead to The Terror season 3 and what the next iteration's story will bring.

The Terror Season 3 Renewal

Kiki Sukezane and George Takei in The Terror Infamy

The Terror season 3 renewal hasn't officially been ordered yet by AMC, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Last year, The Terror season 2 was announced only a few short weeks after season 1 ended, which could very well happen again with season 3. However, it's worth noting that The Terror: Infamy's ratings are down sharply compared to season 1's, which is what AMC will base their decision on in the end.

The Terror Season 3 Release Date Info

Derek Mio in The Terror Infamy

The Terror season 3 could release by late summer 2020, should the series be renewed. It took a little over one year for The Terror season 2 to premiere after its initial announcement and this is the type of show - and AMC is the type of network - to get an annual release. Things could certainly change, as other networks have shown the tendency to release new seasons of anthology shows after two years or more.

The Terror Season 3 Story Details

The Terror: Infamy

Given the fact that The Terror is an anthology series, it's safe to say that the Nakayama family's ordeal with the yurei is over and won't be explored again. And since there's such a difference between the stories of season 1 and season 2, it's unclear at the moment what The Terror season 3's story would be about. But when season 2 was announced, AMC already knew what story they wanted to tell. So if The Terror season 3 does indeed happen, fans won't have to wait too long to find out what the next tale will be.

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