The Terror Season 2 Gets a Premiere Date & First-Look Images

The Terror Season 2 with George Takei

AMC has revealed the official premiere date and first-look photos for The Terror season 2, aka. The Terror: Infamy. The Terror season 1 premiered on the network in early 2018, and was originally intended to serve as a one-off miniseries based on Dan Simmons' 2007 historical fiction novel about Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition to find the Northwest Passage. However, in the wake of the show's initial success, AMC decided to expand The Terror into a horror anthology series, and announced that season 2 would take place in a Japanese internment camp during WWII.

Developed by Max Borenstein (Kong: Skull Island) and Alexander Woo (True Blood), with Woo serving as showrunner, Infamy follows the members of a Japanese-American community as they're forced into an interment camp after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and come to realize they're being hunted by a murderous supernatural being. Derek Mio (Spooked) leads the cast here, with George Takei, Kiki Sukezane, James Saito, Cristina Rodlo, Naoko Mori, Miki Ishikawa, Asako Nakayama, and Shingo Usami among those playing key roles in the story. Now, AMC has revealed a proper sneak peek at the cast in their period costumes, along with the show's historical scenery.

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In addition to releasing the first images from The Terror: Infamy, AMC has announced that the new season will premiere this summer on Monday, August 12 at 9 pm EST. You can check out the first-look photos below.

The Terror Season 2 Relocation Center
The Terror Season 2 Cast
Derek Mio and Shingo Usama in The Terror Season 2
Cristina Rodlo in The Terror Season 2
Kiki Sukezane in The Terror Season 2
James Saito Naoko Mori and Alex Shimizu in The Terror Season 2
Miki Ishikawa and Derek Mio in The Terror Season 2
Derek Mio in The Terror Season 2
George Takei in The Terror Season 2

Among The Terror: Infamy cast members pictured here are Mio as Chester Nakayama, the son of Japanese-born immigrants who joins the army and attempts to learn more about this mysterious specter, in an effort to stop it. The photos also highlight Takei as Yamato-san, a former fishing captain and elder in Chester's community, along with Usami and Mori as Chester's father Henry and mother Asako; Sukezane as Yuko, a mysterious woman with connections to Chester's past; Rodlo as Luz, Chester's (secret) girlfriend; and Ishikawa as Amy, a friend of the Nakayama family. Beyond that, the images offer the first glimpse of the Colinas de Oro internment camp, as well as various members of Chester's community gathered for a funeral (the first of potentially many on the show, sadly).

Between its cast and creatives, The Terror: Infamy has a lot going for it right off the bat. The season's historical backdrop is equally fascinating and represents a dark chapter in American history that hasn't been explored all that often in pop culture over the years. That lends Infamy an air of cultural relevance that season 1 didn't necessarily have, and makes it all the more noteworthy as an example of much-needed representation on both sides of the camera. For AMC, Infamy has the potential to match or even exceed The Terror season 1's critical acclaim and prove to be similarly successful in terms of ratings, making a third season all the more likely to happen. Its will also serve to fill a hole in the network's programming this year, now that Better Call Saul season 5 has been formally delayed until 2020.

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The Terror: Infamy premieres Monday, August 12 on AMC.

Source: AMC

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