The Terror: Infamy Cast & Character Guide

Who stars in The Terror: Infamy, and where have you seen them before? We break down everything you need to know about the AMC series' new cast.

Kiki Sukezane and George Takei in The Terror Infamy

Who's in The Terror: Infamy cast and where have you seen the actors before? Co-created by Max Borenstein and Alexander Woo, season 2 of AMC’s horror anthology series chronicles the experiences of Japanese-Americans who live in a United States War Relocation Center during World War II. 

In 2018, AMC premiered The Terror season 1. Based on Dan Simmons’ 2007 novel of the same name, the narrative follows an expedition voyage to find the Northwest Passage during the 19th century. The Terror: Infamy takes place 100 years later, with the season premiere building up to Japan’s December 7, 1941 attacks on Pearl Harbor. 

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Given The Terror: Infamy’s World War II backdrop, the premise itself is already rooted in horror. Beyond that, however, the series tells an often-overlooked story about Japanese-Americans. Here’s a guide for The Terror: Infamy's main cast and characters who'll be haunted over the coming weeks.

Derek Mio As Chester Nakayama

After attending college in Los Angeles, Chester gets his Mexican-American girlfriend, Luz, pregnant, and dreams of an ideal American life. But he clashes with his father Henry, who values tradition and practical decision-making. Chester's out-of-the-box thinking leads him to a mysterious woman named Yuko.

Derek Mio earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from USC's School of Cinematic Arts, and has previously appeared in the TV series Greek, along with the movies G.B.F. and The Emoji Movie. Mio’s grandfather lived at a real-life internment camp. 

Kiki Sukezane As Yuko Tanabe

The Terror: Infamy Kiku Suzekane

Yuko provides The Terror: Infamy’s spiritual element, as she guides characters to fateful decisions. Early on, a woman named Mrs. Furuya commits suicide and her coffins tips over, seemingly because of Yuko. Later, the abusive Mr. Fururya is blinded, and an American racist winds up dead. Yuko pushes Chester to pursue his true path.

Kiki Sukezane is best-known for portraying Miko Otomo in NBC’s Heroes Reborn and Sakura in HBO’s Westworld. She has so appeared in the Netflix series Lost in Space.

Cristina Rodlo As Luz Ojeda

The Terror: Infamy Cristina Rodlo

In The Terror: Infamy season premiere, Luz plans to have an abortion through a liquid potion that Chester received from Mr. Furuya. This connects to the series’ opening suicide involving Mrs. Furuya.

Christina Rodlo recently starred as Yaritza in the Amazon series Too Old to Die Young. She has a supporting role in the 2019 film Miss Bala.

Shingo Usami As Henry Nakayama

The Terror: Infamy Shingo Usami

After moving to the United States, Henry is protective of Japanese traditions and his family's reputation. He’s accused of being a spy by an American, and subsequently trades his car for silence. Henry is then detained by the FBI after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the 2014 drama Unbroken, Shingo Usami played Corporal Kono. 

Naoko Mori As Asako Nakayama

The Terror: Infamy Naoko Mori

As Chester’s mother and Henry’s wife, this character believes that Japanese spirits from the past have followed them to America.

Naoko Mori previously starred in the TV series Torchwood (as Toshiko Sato) and Absolutely Famous (as Sarah). She portrayed Yoko Ono in the 2010 BBC movie Lennon Naked. 

Miki Ishikawa As Amy Yoshida

The Terror: Infamy Miki Ishikawa

Chester’s childhood friend works as a secretary for the U.S. military. Miki Ishikawa starred as Cynthia Yen on the TV series Hit. She made her on-screen acting debut in the TV series Zoey 101. 

George Takei As Nobuhiro Yamato

The Terror: Infamy George Takei

In The Terror: Infamy, Yamato is one of the wise elder characters. In real life, George Takei spent part of his childhood at a U.S. internment camp. He famously portrayed Hikaru Sulu in the Star Trek TV series and movie franchise. 

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