The Terror: Infamy's Premiere Has a Creepy Hidden Ghost

The Terror Infamy Hidden Ghost

The Terror: Infamy's premiere has plenty to give people the chills, from an ill wind at a funeral knocking a coffin over to a woman stitching her own withering face back together - but you might have missed the creepy hidden ghost that appears in the background. Keep your eyes peeled at around the 20-minute mark in the episode, when Chester and Amy are walking along the dock, and you'll notice someone following them.

The technique of hiding ghosts in the background of scenes was used liberally in Netflix's The Haunting of Hill House, which had dozens of easy-to-miss spooks waiting to be found by eagle-eyed viewers. The Terror fans shouldn't expect quite so many in Infamy, but there will be more to look out for. Showrunner Alexander Woo told THR, "We planted some Easter eggs, sometimes just in the very, very deep background. And if you miss it, you miss it, but the camera doesn't call attention to it."

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The first of the hidden ghosts in The Terror: Infamy has already been found. Following a slightly awkward dinner, Chester and his friend Amy are walking along the docks smoking. Look behind them, and you'll see a woman in white clothing materialize under one of the lampposts and start walking slowly behind them. She follows them for a while before dissolving into darkness.

Shortly after the ghost vanishes, Chester and Amy arrive at the spot where a woman called Mrs. Furuya killed herself, so it may well be the ghost of Mrs. Furuya who's following them. It could also be Yuko, the mysterious woman whom Chester meets at a brothel later in the episode, who appears to be some kind of demon or spirit in a human disguise. Yuko is also seen passing by Mr. Furuya in the premiere, shortly before he is suddenly afflicted with blindness.

At this point in the show, Yuko's motivations are still unclear. The spirit so far appears to be targeting anyone who would bring harm to the Nakayama family - whether it's Mrs. Furuyama for making an abortifacient for Chester's pregnant girlfriend, or the drunken cannery worker who tried to burn the family's fishing boat. However, Chester's parents also appear to be terrified of the spirit, and may know more about its origins than they're letting on.

After a chilling opening to the new season, fans of The Terror: Infamy should keep their eyes peeled for more background ghosts as the story continues.

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