15Aunt May Is Carnage

Aunt May is Carnage Marvel Spider-Man rumor Rosemary Harris

No, we're not talking about the young, spry Aunt May played by Marisa Tomei. We mean the wise, elderly Aunt May that Rosemary Harris played so definitively in the Sam Raimi series. Hang with us here, because we're not making this up. In the year leading up to

Spider-Man 3, there genuinely was a huge rumor circulating online that the film's surprise ending would see Aunt May finding Venom's symbiote, and then being reborn as Carnage.

Why would a decent, responsible woman like May become a monstrous creature like Carnage? Why would Sam Raimi ever agree to such a dumb twist? Stupid as it sounds today, this rumor had people seriously concerned.

The source of this hubbub was IMDb. In 2006, the cast list for Spider-Man 3 was updated to show Rosemary Harris as playing "Aunt May/Carnage," causing a cataclysmic fan meltdown across the internet. However, IMDb can be edited by anyone, and the rumor finally was shot down when the perpetrator bragged too much about it online.

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