In this era of peak TV, there are so many amazing shows available for audiences to watch at all hours of the day. Similarly, there are a lot of decent or terrible shows that people should avoid despite all the buzz they may receive. At the center of every show is a cast that viewers bond with every week. Characters are the doorway into these interesting worlds and a powerful performance makes it even easier for people to become hardcore fans of a show. But sometimes a rotten performance can completely kill a show and turn off potential viewers.

Sometimes the actors aren’t completely to blame for a dull performance. Even some of the world’s best thespians can’t deliver to the best of their abilities when the script they are working with is subpar. Directors and actors often get a lot of credit for a show’s success or failure, but the writers are equally to blame (or to praise!) for an annoying character. Sometimes the writers just don’t understand other people’s perspective well enough, often resulting in characters who say or do cringe filled things.

Come learn about 10 Performances That Ruined TV Shows (And 5 That Saved Them)!

15. Ruined: Iwan Rheon – Inhumans

Iwan Rheon in Marvels Inhumans 10 Terrible Performances That Ruined TV Shows (And 5 That Saved Them)

Marvel took a big risk with Inhumans, and as of now it doesn’t seem to have paid off. A story that follows political squabbling among a super powered royal family, Inhumans was intended to be Marvel’s next big thing. Black Bolt, the King of the Inhumans, finds himself in political conflict with his menacing brother Maximus, played by Iwan Rheon.

The biggest name in the show is easily Rheon, who did a wonderful job bringing the menacing Ramsay Bolton to the small screen in Game of Thrones. While this character isn’t straight-up-evil like Ramsay is, Rheon still appears to be going through the motions in his performance. As of now it’s still unclear if the show will return, but hopefully Rheon brings something different to his character if they get a second chance.

14. Ruined: Jennifer Carpenter – Dexter

Jennifer Carpenter Deb Dexter 10 Terrible Performances That Ruined TV Shows (And 5 That Saved Them)

People may love to complain about the Dexter series finale, but fans also love talking smack on Debra Morgan. Played by Jennifer Carpenter, Deb is the foster sister of the serial killer at the center of the show. After her mother died at 16, she dedicated her life to becoming a detective just like her father and pushed herself despite how hard her dad was on her.

One of the character’s central traits is her tendency to get in a lot of bad relationships. No matter what actor Carpenter is up against, Deb comes across as desperate and annoying instead of strong-willed. She’s a skilled, full-grown detective, but for some reason she always feels like a stereotypical teenage girl more worried about boys than anything else.