20 TERRIBLE Actor Selfies With Fans That'll Make You Cringe

There aren't many celebrities out there who wouldn't care if they took a bad picture. Think about it for a second: a celebrity's selling point is their image and that goes a long way to getting them jobs. Bad pictures are a part of life, especially now that just about everyone, everywhere carries a camera, but when it happens to the regular folk like us, we just delete it. Most celebrities aren't lucky enough to escape a bad pic since it almost always ends up on the Internet to be shared all over the world. Thankfully, for those of you who are bored, you can check out some pretty bad celebrity photo fails all in one place!

For some of these shots, the story behind them is better than the glory of the horrible picture itself. Pretty much all of these pictures were shot by people with either no skills in photography or their friends... who also have no skills in photography, so we apologize for the quality of the images. Regardless of their quality, it's what's in the pictures and the story behind it that's really important.

With that in mind, here are 20 TERRIBLE Actor Selfies With Fans That'll Make You Cringe

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Remember when Hugh Grant was Hollywood's most charming and attractive leading man? Looking at this pic, you can't help but wonder what happened to him seeing as he looks like he was recently revived from being mostly dead. This picture was captured when Mr. Grant, who recently appeared in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., was clearly not anticipating, or, at the very least, hoping not to be photographed.

We couldn't find out exactly where it was shot, but it's clear from the pic that he was out shopping somewhere, probably minding his own business when a fan asked for a pic. At least he obliged long enough for somebody to snap it. As you will see from some of the other entries on this list, not every celebrity is happy to take a photo with a fan.


Finding a creepy fan-pic of The Biebs online isn't very difficult. Frankly, we had so many to choose from of the guy looking at his fans' breasts, butts, and other parts that picking one was one of the most challenging aspects of this list. That said, we had to go with the shot of Justin Bieber smacking a kiss on this fan's face while grabbing her breast.

Normally, a complete stranger doesn't have access to a person's boobs, but it looks like this young lady probably doesn't mind at all. We hope she not only gave him permission to go a-honking but even requested it... Again, we really hope that was the case or Mr. Bieber has some explaining to do.


Usually, Lady GaGa is all about her fans. She has an army of people who love her that she calls her Little Monsters. When two such Monsters stopped the singer for a quick photo opportunity, they thrust their claws out alongside their idol and gave it their all. Unfortunately, Ms. GaGa has the look of "Please leave me alone" on her face, which doesn't translate very well into a great picture.

We weren't able to find a great story to back up this pic as it just seems to be a bad shot from when she was on her Lady GaGa Joanne World Tour. There are some other fascinating gems out there of her taking photos with fans, but given her usual enthusiasm and support for those who love her, this one had to make the list. She just looks so incredibly bored!


Luke Wilson is a charming guy. That's his brand and he certainly seems that way in his movies. He's also seemingly checking out this blonde girl's boobs. Or her beer. We can probably say he is checking out her beer given that he looks thirsty and starred in Old School. Yeah, that's it. He is thirstily checking out this young woman's beer. What you don't see is him asking for a sip a few seconds after this shot was taken.

Alright, we made most of that up. We can guess that he isn't interested in her beer, which is what makes this creepy shot so perfect for this list. There are thousands of pictures of this guy smiling with eager fans, but this gem stole the show when we saw what he was looking at.


Nothing says "Awk-ward" like a fan going in to get an autograph and getting an unwelcome smooch in the process. It's clear from this picture that Mr. Brand thought he was going to get a little action from this young woman when, in reality, she was just leaning in to hand him her book. She may not have minded trading saliva with the star, but even if that's the case, it doesn't look like it in this picture.

Russell Brand, who recently remade the classic film Arthur, is actually known for laying his lips on his female fans. He tends to greet women with a peck on the lips whenever the option arises so, frankly, it's unsurprising that he might try and go in for a little kiss. Brand has even suggested it's a perk of his celebrity; well, getting away with it may be, anyway.


Here is another picture of what happens when a celebrity, whom we all expect to see made up and camera ready, gets stopped by a couple of fans while shopping. Our favorite Toy Story star, Tom Hanks is usually eager to stop what he is doing so he can chat with or take photos with his fans. He has even crashed a wedding while out for a jog, and fans love him for it.

Unfortunately, for Mr. Hanks, this particular shot is just bad. He looks like he really doesn't have time to deal with the guys in the picture, he isn't looking at the camera directly, and his arm-crossed pose suggests he really just wants to get out of there. We aren't sure where he was when this picture was taken, but he clearly was out shopping like any regular person might be.


Everything about this shot of Jeremy Piven says he just wants to be left alone. Piven has a reputation in Hollywood as being one of the biggest jerks in showbiz and we don't mean his character from Entourage. According to some of the folks who have worked alongside him, he is rude to waiters, won't acknowledge fans if they are overweight, and once left a DVD copy of Entourage instead of leaving a tip, which should have been a few hundred dollars.

There are a lot of shots of Piven and fans online where he looks like he wants to be anywhere else, but, to be fair, there are some of him being personable and charming as well. We decided on this one due to the fact he is looking at a different camera than the one in the fan's hand.


For this picture, it's difficult to say whether or not Cuba Gooding Jr. was really annoyed about having his picture taken with these ladies or if he is photobombing them with a stink eye. Frankly, it doesn't matter one way or the other since this picture is a perfect example of a celebrity not mixing well with regular folks in an impromptu photograph.

When it comes to hanging out with fans, Cuba Gooding Jr. isn't on the top of the list as the nicest guy in the world. He seems like a nice guy in the roles he plays, but let's face it, he's an actor. In one story about him, he reduced a waiter to tears over complaints of what he perceived to be bad service. While that's not a photo opportunity with a fan, it's safe to say the waiter isn't a fan of his any longer.


There are lots of pictures of DeAndre Jordan and his fans online. Because this basketball player is so freakishly tall, he often dwarfs anyone he's standing next to and it makes for some great pics. Usually, he is at least complicit in being photographed, but you can't say that about the photo we found for this list.

The guy in the foreground is clearly as happy as could be to get a snap in front of the Clippers player, but Mr. Jordan either doesn't know he is being photographed or is simply paying him no mind. The stark difference in their faces is what makes this photo particularly cringe-worthy. We couldn't find out who the guy was in this shot with Jordan, but it's safe to say, he was really happy about being in the same space as him.


Future Geostorm star, Gerard Butler usually takes a good photo. After all, he's a good-looking guy and he dresses nicely. But we all take bad pictures sometimes. The flash goes off unexpectedly and we blink or are not prepared so we take another shot, right? Well, when a fan snaps a pic of a celebrity, they don't always have a chance to get a reshoot and that must have been the case with this picture.

The fellow on the right looks like he is surprised to be photographed even though he is posing with the actor, while Butler is clearly suffering from "I wasn't ready face." What you end up with is a bad picture of a fan standing next to an actor who looks so drunk he can barely keep his eyes open.


For our Robert Pattinson entry, we felt we had to choose two images because they perfectly contrast one another. In the photo on the left, you have a picture of a man standing with Pattinson who is so incredibly blasé about being next to the star, it looks like Pattinson is more excited about the picture than the fan.

In the picture on the right, we have the opposite: Pattinson is the one snapping the picture of himself standing next to a fan who is losing her mind! This woman looks like all of her dreams have finally come true to be standing next to the Twilight star, making her the antithesis of the bearded gentleman on the left. Pattinson usually takes good pictures, but you can't always count on the same for his fans.


What is it about singers and women wanting their autographs on their boobs? It seems nobody can put out a hit record and get away from the practice, no matter how silly it seems. As you can see from this picture, Olly Murs is participating in the age-old practice on a happy fan while he looks a little embarrassed - and a little amused.

This particular autograph happened in Dublin as Murs was exiting a radio station where he had given an interview. Most fans thrust out a book or poster to get a star's autograph, but not this lady, who was all too eager to thrust her boobs at him. Murs dutifully wrote his name with professional grace and aplomb.


Britney Spears has been posing in pictures with fans for a long time now so there isn't a shortage of bad pictures online to choose from. We decided to go with the picture above for her because it screams "For the love of god, do not touch me" in such a way, we are embarrassed for the guy in the shot.

Spears couldn't look more horrified in this picture, but to be fair, she probably had to pose for dozens, if not hundreds of similar poses that day and you are bound to have a few that didn't go so well. Would it have killed her to let him throw an arm around her? Probably, but that doesn't mean he couldn't do the whole hovering arm thing nervous guys do around attractive women.


We aren't going to ask why this nice young woman wanted to get a picture with the fellow to her left. Did she know who he was or was she just snapping a picture of the passed-out gentleman next to her on the plane? It doesn't matter. That's Ron Jeremy, one of the most famous... or infamous adult film stars of the 1970s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s - yes, he is still working in the industry.

Incidentally, this isn't the only photo of Mr. Jeremy passed out on a plane. There are a few Reddit threads of people posting similar pics of the adult film star catching some Zzzzs. We aren't sure who the woman is in this picture as her name was removed from the posting, but she will forever live in infamy for sharing space with the legendary film star.


This selfie is why Trainwreck star Amy Schumer refuses to take them with fans anymore. The guy who is giving the "thumb's up" ran up to her to get the shot. The only problem, he scared the crap out of her. Imagine you are out walking around... you might expect to have fans or paparazzi interrupt your day to get a picture, but they don't normally run at you like they are going to tackle you to the ground. That's what happened here.

"This guy in front of his family just ran up next to me scared the s--t out of me. Put a camera in my face. I asked him to stop and he said 'no it's America and we paid for you' this was in front of his daughter.... I will not take picture with people anymore and it's because of this dude in Greenville," Schumer explained.


If you want to play a game that will take a little while, try to find a picture of Kanye West looking happy to be photographed with a fan. You will be at it for a while as this guy really doesn't like what's going on when some fans head his way for a picture. Just look at him here, clearly annoyed about both being photographed and being on the same planet as other people.

It's actually quite interesting: West really doesn't like to smile or look interested when he's in a picture with fans, but you can't blame him. In half the pictures on the Internet, he is clearly on his phone. People must walk up to him and get their picture taken without his consent. Either that or he holds a phone up to his face all the time in an attempt to deter people from snapping pics.


The best part of this picture is not what you see, but what you don't see that happened right after it was taken. Mia Khalifa must really hate it when fans run up to her and snap a picture without her consent because her reaction to this young man's eagerness to share some pixels with her resulted in a punch to the face!

The man in question is a Twitter user who goes by the name Hudspeth and he accused Khalifa of not only popping him in the face but of leaving a sizeable bruise for her effort. Khalifa 's response on Twitter, "You were the sweetest. Thank you for asking me nicely rather than jumping in front of me while I was walking and shoving a cam in my face."

Here's a tip: ask for a picture from a celebrity before taking it! It's just good manners after all.


Once again, we have an example of a celebrity who wasn't prepared for a picture and was just going about their business. Chances are, you may have seen this shot making the rounds online before as it went viral rather quickly. Nicolas Cage, who recently starred in Oliver Stone's' Snowden, doesn't seem to mind taking a photo with a fan, but could you please wait until he is ready? He looks like he is reenacting a scene from Leaving Las Vegas.

In truth, he may have succumbed to the all-too-familiar pain of the double flash when this fan snapped a photo of the guy sitting next to her on the plane who just so happened to be Cage. Too bad for celebrities who don't own their own planes; they sometimes have to sit next to the regular folk, even in First Class!


Not to celebrities: watch how close you get to fans who are really excited to see you and are holding onto a beverage. Things don't work out too well when gravity and a person who isn't paying attention get too close! This shot of Coolio getting soaked with beer is a perfect example of the dangers of getting too close to your fans.

The fan in question is named Keila and she posted the shot on Twitter where it went viral rather quickly. Her only comment on the picture, "I just spilled beer on Coolio" pretty much says it all. Too bad it was all over his Notorious B.I.G. shirt and we don't get to see a follow-up pic of his reaction. If you have it Keila, please post it in the comments!


Without getting too political about the man who runs the United States, there are a lot of bad pictures of Donald Trump going back decades. It's really to do with his hair more than anything, but there are some real gems of the Commander in Chief standing with some fans. We chose two pictures of Trump for this one since the shot on the right is of him and Brett Michaels (who may be a fan but is a celebrity as well).

Whatever is going on in the picture on the left, it just doesn't look good. Are they in mid conversation? Are they trying to catch peanuts someone is throwing? The world will never know, but one thing we do know: the picture on the right isn't photoshopped at all. It almost looks like his hair is trying to get off of his head to flee someplace safe...



Did we miss any favorite celebrity/fan selfie fails? Do you have one of your own? Post it in the comments and tell us your story!

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