Terrence Howard Wants to Get It On as Marvin Gaye

Deadline London caught up with Terrence Howard while covering the Cannes Film Festival and learned that he is in talks to play Marvin Gaye in Cameron Crowe's long-gestating biopic. Luckily, Howard seems to be aware of the responsibility of portraying one of America's most famous musicians on the big screen.

"Nothing’s been signed on paper yet,” Howard tells me. “Everybody who loves music will hate me if I get this one wrong.”

As anyone who's seen Almost Famous can attest, Crowe is clearly comfortable depicting all aspects of the music world - both on stage and behind the scenes. The writer/director has reportedly been working on this film for over three years, and was at one point courting Will Smith to star. When Smith decided to pass, Crowe had to rethink his options and turned to Howard as a replacement.

Deadline seems to think it's common knowledge that Howard moonlights as a recording artist, citing Gaye as an influence on Howard's 2008 debut album. I wasn't aware that Howard is a singer/guitar player, but Columbia Records released his first album Shine Through It and you can listen to some sample tracks at his official website.

No start date has been set yet, but seasoned producer Scott Rudin (No Country for Old Men, The Truman Show, etc.) is attached to the project. Rudin alone could probably get this project off the ground, so teaming up with Crowe and Howard only increases our chances of seeing this film come to fruition.

What do you think about Howard's potential casting as Marvin Gaye? Do you think he can accurately capture the essence of the music legend?

Source: Deadline London

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