Terraria: Journey's End Trailer Revealed, Expected to Launch in Q4 2019

Terraria Journeys End


Those who fancy themselves fans of Re-Logic's dig-em-up, Terraria, will be pleased to note that a ton of new content has just been announced at this year's PC Gaming Show in the form of Terraria Journey's End. This is a free update coming later this year that will add over 800 new items and a new Master difficulty mode, amongst other things.

In its current form, Terraria already constantly iterates on new, seasonal content for its community to enjoy. Now, Terraria Journey's End is going one step further by not only giving players more challenges to beat but also quality-of-life increases to make the overall gameplay experience more enjoyable so you can spend more time crafting, digging, and looting.

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Terraria Journey's End is the fourth major update to the base game, and it will be free (just like all other previous updates have been). This update will hit PC players first, and then gradually become available to those who are playing on console and mobile. The trailer shows off a lot of improvements, including an in-game Bestiary which will store information about foes that players have defeated, from their statistics to what they drop as loot. On top of that, the update will also give you the ability to play golf, alongside a new Master difficulty mode which purports to be even harder than Expert Mode. If you're up to the challenge, then this is what you're going to want to crack into as soon as Terraria Journey's End is available later this year.

Whether it's a hole in one that you're aiming for, or just features like the Void Vault and Block Swap to make your crafting and living off the land a little more seamless, it looks like the Terraria Journey's End is going to have something for every type of existing player. Seeing the way that the Re-Logic team is overhauling a lot of old, outdated content is just further proof that they know what it takes to keep their game refreshing and engaging even as the title enters its eighth year.

If you're wanting to keep up to date with the rest of the news from the PC Gaming show like the reveal of the Borderlands 3 level cap, check out the E3 event hub that we're updating as we find out more.

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