Latest 'Terra Nova' Trailer Shows A Bleak Future & A Lush Past

A still from Fox's latest Terra Nova trailer.

Fox's uber-project Terra Nova is stalking its way towards a fall premiere, and the latest TV spot gives us a better look at the primary locations for the new series.

The story of Terra Nova begins a century in the future, where war and environmental disasters have ravaged the planet. Humanity huddles in its cities, as the scientific elite prepare for a mass migration to the only habitable place left: the past.

Jim Shannon (Jason O'Mara, Life On Mars, Band of Brothers) follows his family on the tenth trip through the 85 million year threshold. They reach the unspoiled wilderness and the human settlement, where Commander Frank Taylor (Avatar's Stephen Lang) has taken control and protects the population from all manner of terrible lizards.

Other cast members include English actress Shelley Conn portrays Jim's wife Elisabeth and Christine Adams (who had small parts in Tron: Legacy, Heroes and Doctor Who) plays resistance leader, Mira.

Check out the trailer below:

The new trailer is a mere minute long, only thirty seconds more than the Superbowl teaser Fox released over two months ago. For a series with so much money and talent behind it, including Stephen Spielberg and Brannon Braga, the small amount of footage so far is a maddening tease.

We get our first solid look at the future world of Terra Nova in the opening seconds, depicting an overcrowded urban nightmare. The scene is not unlike an updated version of Blade Runner - dark, congested streets, nervous people, and an ever-present authority.

The latest from Fox's Terra Nova

The past is precisely the opposite: outside the walls of the compound, Terra Nova is unspoiled beauty and unchecked danger. The sub-tropical filming location outside Queensland, Australia really shines as the actors trudge across jungles and grassy plains.

Unfortunately, we don't see much more of the dinosaurs (the real stars) than we did in February. What's there is impressive CG and a few shots, like the Brachiosaurus leaning over the fence, certainly recall Spielberg's Jurassic Park. With so much money and time spent on production, here's hoping we get to see some practical creature effects as well.

While comparisons to Avatar are many, even among the cast, the new trailer looks a lot like The Lost World. Beyond the obvious monsters and scenery, there's the set design, vehicles, and even the costumes - and a focus on the fantastic setting and prehistoric predators can only mean more small-screen action.


Terra Nova has been delayed from its original May premiere date. The first of its thirteen episodes will debut this fall on Fox.

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