New 'Terra Nova' Trailer: Welcome to Stargate Jurassic Pandora

Terra Nova video clip

One of the big question marks on the slate of upcoming 2011 TV shows is definitely FOX's Terra Nova, which has been cresting on the tagline "from executive producer Steven Spielberg" ever since it was first announced.

FOX has released a new trailer for Terra Nova, which only re-enforces the knee-jerk reaction from the previous trailer that this show is mashup of so many other sci-fi shows/movies that have come before...and not much else.

Before we get to the latest trailer, check out this synopsis for the show.

The story of Terra Nova begins a century in the future, where war and environmental disasters have ravaged the planet. Humanity huddles in its cities, as the scientific elite prepare for a mass migration to the only habitable place left: the past. Jim Shannon (Jason O’Mara, Life On Mars) follows his family on the tenth trip through the 85 million year threshold. They reach the unspoiled wilderness and the human settlement, where Commander Frank Taylor (Avatar‘s Stephen Lang) has taken control and protects the population from all manner of terrible lizards.

With that understanding, take a look at the latest Terra Nova trailer:


If you didn't catch the snark in the title, this show basically looks like a mashup of Stargate, Avatar and Jurassic Park. The one-way portals, Dinosaurs attacking all-terrain vehicles and the unspoiled planet where Stephen Lang reigns with a militaristic hand? Yeah... doesn't seem like they were thinking outside the box on this one.

In fact, without the Spielberg connection I'm not too sure that this show would even be on anyone's radar, since it looks like something you might catch on SyFy, rather than in a primetime slot on a major network. As it stands, I can't see how this series is going to last - the budget can't be cheap what with all the effects work needed, and there doesn't seem to be one fresh or original chromosome in the show's DNA. Maybe the storylines will reveal something different, but the marketing surely hasn't.

There's also the fact that this show is premiering on a network which has become notorious as of late for canceling shows at the drop of a hat - even when those, show promise  (see: Lie To Me, Breaking In, Lone Star - oh wait, you can't anymore!).  Given that fickle track record, we don't necessarily see Terra Nova lasting very long on the airwaves. At least not at this point.

Terra Nova will finally premiere this fall on FOX.

Source: FOX

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