First Look At 'Terra Nova' & Behind The Scenes Video

Take a look behind the scenes at the making of Fox's 'Terra Nova' and get a taste of what may be the best-looking series in the history of television.

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On September 26, the highly anticipated – though continuously delayed - Steven Spielberg-produced series, Terra Nova, will premiere on Fox. In a newly released featurette, prospective viewers are given a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making one of the most beautiful series in the history of television.

While those who attended the Terra Nova panel at Comic-Con 2011 were treated to the first hour of the upcoming two-hour series premiere; the rest of the television viewing world has yet to see the fantastic spectacle that is Terra Nova.

In the video below you’ll see interviews with the series stars Jason O’Mara, Shelley Conn, and Stephen Lang; executive producers Brannon Braga and Aaron Kaplan; and director Alex Graves. On top of that, you’ll also get a glimpse of the truly beautiful locations used for filming the series, the top-notch visual effects done by Kevin Blank and his talented crew, and a little dino action.

You can view the video below (I suggest in HD, if possible):


In the video, O’Mara highlights that Terra Nova may very well be the most ambitious television series for a major network, and from seeing the series premiere myself, it’s hard to debate that notion. With Spielberg premiering two television series in a single year (Falling Skies being the first), one may incorrectly believe that similar stylings and production values would transfer over. This is not the case – by any means.

Even though Falling Skies has endeared itself to audiences with its unique storytelling and commendable visuals, Terra Nova not only represents a turning point for what the aesthetics of a series can be on network television - it does so without sacrificing story.

Terra Nova - Stephen Lang

While it can be said that certain plots elements of Terra Nova could stand some tweaking, the overall story is equally as captivating as the visuals that surround it. In a time when audiences are tiring of faux mystery based on questions with no answers (the proverbial “what’s in the box” notion) Terra Nova presents an earnest story that is intriguing in every way. So much so that the use of familiar tricks to elicit suspense (Lost, The Event) are unneeded, as the story itself is so interesting that the audience will easily find themselves captivated with what the series presents - ergo, the yearning to know more arise organically.

Now before all the naysayers jump in the comments and talk about how the dinosaurs don’t look that amazing, I’ll just say: yes, you’re right – but the dinosaurs aren’t what makes Terra Nova visually spectacular. That being said, the dinosaurs still look pretty great – and the dinosaur action scenes are executed to such a level that you’ll quickly forget about whatever minute issues you have with their appearance.

And please do remember: this is television, people, not a major motion picture.


Terra Nova premieres Monday, September 26 @8pm on Fox

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