New 'Terra Nova' Promotional Posters; Pilot Screening at Comic-Con 2011

terra nova comic con screening 2011

Fox's uber-sci-fi series Terra Nova is still months away from gracing our TV screens, but San Diego Comic-Con attendees can check out a special screening of the first episode in July.

The Terra Nova panel on Saturday, July 23rd will feature executive producers Rene Echevarria, Jose Molina and Brannon Braga. Stephen Lang, easily the most visible cast member after his role in Avatar, will also be in attendance.

Terra Nova is now expected to debut in September after half a dozen delays and tens of millions of dollars spent on the first season. Fox cancelled the Terra Nova panel at Comic-Con 2010 just a few days before the event, foreshadowing an unenviable set of delays and frustrations. The screening announcement should indicate that the time-traveling series is finally ready for prime time.

In addition, Fox has released a trio of promotional posters giving some sage advice to the fictional residents of Terra Nova. The zoo-style warning signs are evocative of District 9's dystopian posters two years ago. With the red-white-yellow color scheme it's hard not to remember that the man behind Jurassic Park, Steven Spielberg, is also an executive producer for the series.

Check out the posters below:

terra nova poster fox t-rex
terra nova poster fox slasher
terra nova poster fox bug

Terra Nova follows a future family of refugees as they escape the desolate world of 2149 for an unspoiled utopia 85 million years in the past. Of course the past presents its own problems, with killer dinosaurs, insects and other beasties (not to mention some good old-fashioned human bad guys) standing between the Shannon family and happiness.

Stephen Lang will play Colonel Quaritch Commander Taylor, the leader of the human settlers who rules the compound with an iron fist. Jason O'Mara (Life On Mars) is the Shannon patriarch, with Shelley Conn, Landon Liboiron and Naomi Scott rounding out the family. Christine Addams will lead a group that splinters away from Taylor's control. You can see Screen Rant's Interview with Stephen Lang and co-star Jason O'Mara here.

Be sure to check Screen Rant's Comic-Con page for all the 2011 SDCC news.


Terra Nova is currently scheduled for a two-hour premiere on Fox this September 26th.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Crave Online

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