Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Continues The Mythos

Agent Ellison encounters Cromartie at the house that the Connors burned down. Ellison tells him he isn't going to lead him to Connor, "...not do the devil's work.", as he put it. Cromartie quietly replies, "We'll see." and walks off. Chilling.

Reese, Charley, Sarah and John are gathered to burn Cameron and John does the stupidest thing I've ever seen and inserts the brain chip back in her and she boots up. He needs to know if what she said was true, that she's fixed and gives her his gun. She takes it. We watch her screens and see her override the terminate order, and she gives the gun back.

A bit later Cameron tells Sarah if she goes bad again, never let John bring her back. Fair enough warning. John's had a hard day. He's locked himself in the bathroom and gives himself a haircut that finally gives him that edgy, tough look he is going to need to carry off this character Dekker is portraying.

Remember I said I'd get back to those irksome feelings? Here's where they're justified: Closing scene, back at ZeiraCorp, Mr Tuck is whining about Weaver and her reorganizing of the work staff for her mystery project. He tells his co-worker she really pi**es him off. His co-worker leaves the bathroom and Mr. Tuck turns to use the urinal. The urinal morphs (What? Morphs!?) into Catherine Weaver, who then apologizes for pi**ing him off, says "the feeling is mutual", and dispatches him with a silver finger sliver to the brain. Whow!! (Yes, Whow... that's whoa and wow all slurred into one word.) I knew something was up with that red headed demon! We have a newer model of the terminator here, again. This can't be good.

This show takes place after Terminator 2: Judgment Day, so the appearance of a T-1000 mimetic polyalloy machine (OK, liquid metal) is in line with events after the 2nd movie but a few things seemed disjointed in the story tonight. Not a lot, but some stretches of story, or just poor editing out of connector material that could have helped bring story elements together better.

The lame factors for me:

  • Sarah getting decked in the beginning by an opening door.
  • Cameron didn't seem damaged enough externally after the jeep explosion. Even her clothes are fine... dang it.
  • Everyone finally hooks up at the junkyard, but how? Did I miss something?
  • Cromartie using sly logic is a new twist on the persistent type of programming that the older model terminators use. It seemed out of programming character.
  • Terminator, Cameron: Loves John? That's a new, emotional twist for a cyborg.
  • And what the heck was John thinking, putting that memory chip back in Cameron's head? AND giving her the gun? I would never have trusted her again, but heck, it is what it is.

Other than that, let's see what they do with it and keep it alive in their Monday night time slot! What do you think gang?

Image sources: Cast: Screen shot from Fox. Summer Glau: Chicago Tribune

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