Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2 Continues The Mythos

My quick take on the second season premiere of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is that it looks like it hasn't missed a beat from season one's storyline. It also adds some interesting new facets to the story that should give our pursued protagonists quite the challenge and new goals to keep them busy.

It is probably going to be on par, and if done right, better than season one, now that the show has it's feet under it.

Season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TTSCC) picks up exactly where the season 1 finale ended and continues the momentum of the story. Last season, the closing episode was hard hitting and action packed. This season opener is a bit less action packed, but some definitive tension, new story lines and some interesting character interactions take place. Let me explain, but be warned, DVR SPOILERS lay ahead if you are planning on watching at a later time.

The jeep has exploded, Cameron (Summer Glau) is rebooting. Two men attack the house and put John and Sarah Connor (Thomas Dekker and Lena Headey) down hard, looking for the hard drive that John's been hiding. They find it but then Cameron gets back in the house and takes one of them out downstairs and by the time she gets upstairs, Sarah and John have dispatched the 2nd man.

Cameron's programming has been damaged in the explosion and now she's setting about to terminate John Connor... Here we go again! The Connors escape and go on the run from her and most of the episode is dealing with this persistent, slow, methodical chase that terminators are known for!

Remember the cop massacre at the hotel? Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt) exhibits some non-terminator like behavior and leaves FBI Agent James Ellison (Richard T. Jones) alive after taking everyone else out.

Ellison let's it be believed that the body of the human who Cromartie took the identity of is the gunman. He wants the pursuit to end here, because he knows what he's dealing with.

Charley (Dean Winters), Sarah's ex-fiancé is trying to locate the duo and encounters Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green), John's uncle and together they try to go find John and Sarah.

Cameron relentlessly pursues the duo through the city, until they pin her between two trucks and pull her brain chip, deactivating her. Cameron tries to dissuade John from deactivating her, pleading that she's fixed, that she loves him. The plan is to burn her and her chip.

We have a new playa folks! Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson) is the CEO of ZeiraCorp. ZeiraCorp is a cutting edge, high-tech company. She ends up buying Andy Goode's Turk computer and starts to reorganize ZeiraCorp staff afterwards into a new work team called Babylon. One particular employee, a Mr. Tuck, isn't very happy about the reorganization. There's something about her that irks me.

My irksome feelings are validated... but that's for later.

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