Three New Terminator Salvation TV Spots

It would be fair to say that Terminator Salvation is one of the most anticipated films of the next eight months (it made number four on Screen Rant's Most Anticipated Movies Of 2009 list). Not only does it have all those fans of the original films (mainly the first and second, not so much the third) looking forward to it, but it's a big-budget action film, the type which always draws in mass audiences.

To add just a little more gasoline to the fire of anticipation, today we have three brand spanking new TV spots for your viewing pleasure:

Although they're only TV spots and don't really give us anything new that we haven't seen before, it's still always cool to see them arranged in different ways. Each of those three spots strangely give off a different feel from each other, making it seem almost like it was completely different people who put them together.

The second one is definitely the strongest, with that music giving it a particularly nice feel. However, TV spots are never that representative of how the final film is going to turn out, mainly because they're relatively short and therefore try and cram as much in there as possible, even if comprehensibility is somewhat sacrificed.

I have very high hopes for this newest installment in the Terminator franchise, not only because, well, it's a Terminator movie, but also that one of my favorite actors, Christian Bale, is starring in the lead role. I'm sure I wasn't the only one to feel extremely shocked when we first heard Bale was going to play John Connor, and is it just me or did that give the film a bit more credibility than it had before he was announced?

It certainly inspired more confidence than McG being behind the camera...

There's always a chance a big-budget, action-orientated film such as this could dissapoint (I'm looking at a certain other robot action flick... not naming names, mind you), but from all that we've seen from Terminator Salvation so far, that doesn't look likely.

What do you think of the latest TV spots? Are you one of the many who have their calendar marked for this film?

Terminator Salvation is scheduled to be released on May 21st in the US, and June 3rd in the UK.


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