'Terminator: Salvation' Sequel Already Green-Lit

Well it seems as though the powers that be behind the upcoming Terminator: Salvation are certain that their film is going to be a hit, because Halcyon Co. (the production company that bought the rights to the Terminator franchise last year) has reportedly green-lit a sequel to Salvation, half a year before the first box office receipt can be tallied.

Talk about commitment.

In actuality, this news comes as little surprise. Ever since Terminator: Salvation was first announced, it's been rumored that Halcyon Co.'s top execs, Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek, were envisioning the film as the first chapter in a trilogy (hence the über-clunky original title, Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins).

McG, the director of Salvation, must have impressed the bosses to a significant degree for them to already be moving ahead with a sequel. Or maybe the fiscal validation came in the form of the overwhelming amount of good buzz heard 'round the Net after the first full T4 trailer dropped last week. (Those Terminator motorcycles did look pretty wicked.)

Official confirmation that a sequel to Salvation would soon be underway, came during the Dubai Intl. Film Festival last week. McG (who is notoriously scared of flying) even made an appearance at the festival so that Anderson and Kubicek could parade him, and T4, around as clear signs of Halcyon Co.'s success in reviving the Terminator franchise:

"We feel the time is now to start shaping the next part of this," Kubicek said."

For those who don't read between lines, that roughly translates to: "We see the opportunity for back to back paydays and want to capitalize now, while the property is hot."

All current signs indicate that McG will be kept on board to direct T5 (he did make T4 look promising after all, despite his own dubious reputation as a director AND the bad taste left in fans' mouths after T3). Terminator: Salvation star Christian Bale has already signed on for two more outings as John Connor. Which other members of the T4 cast return for a sequel is anyones' guess at this stage.

No word yet on what the plot of T5 will involve (have to see T4 first to answer that), or where the sequel will film--though the Middle East has been floated as a possible location for the shoot.

Do you think Terminator: Salvation looks awesome enough (based on one trailer) to already warrant a sequel? Or do you have to see the finished product to be convinced? Sound off and let us know.

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