New Footage From Terminator: Salvation!

Everyone has been asking to see the footage from Terminator: Salvation that was shown at Comic-Con - while this is not all of it, the following featurette does show some of what was shown this past Summer. It's an interview with production designer Martin Lang, in which he talks about the design concepts used in the film and how they came to their decisions on designing the look of the movie.

I know a lot of people are writing this Terminator movie off right off the bat due to McG being the director, but based on what I've seen I have a good feeling about this. I think a lot of thought has gone into it and the interview below just verifies that for me.

Now having the look of the film right doesn't necessarily mean that the entire film will be good, but it's definitely a good sign as far as I'm concerned - and I'm betting that when the first trailer is released it will "gel" even further.

But for now check this out - multiple new Terminator designs, explanation of the look of the landscape and th fact that this is an all-out war movie:

Click here to see the Terminator: Salvation teaser trailer.

Terminator: Salvation opens on May 22, 2009.

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