Terminator Salvation Rated-R Director's Cut On The Way

Will an R-rated version of Terminator Salvation make it any better?

For those of you who were upset that Terminator Salvation wasn't R-Rated, you can now rest easy: a Rated-R version of the film is said to be coming to DVD and Blu-ray soon.

There was quite a bit of back and forth before Terminator Salvation came out about it being PG-13 instead of R-Rated, with some people being extremely upset that it wasn't a hardcore action movie like the first two were, while others didn't think the PG-13 rating was an issue. The Director's Cut of the Terminator Salvation has been labelled by the MPAA as "R" for "some violence," and, "brief nudity," with the latter probably being the inclusion of a reported scene of star Moon Bloodgood removing her top that wasn't included in the theatrical version.

Normally I would be really psyched about a movie like Terminator Salvation getting a more explicit rating that allows some of the stronger violence to be shown on-screen, but in this case, does the label the MPAA tagged T4 with really sound like much of an R-Rated movie? "Some violence and brief nudity," doesn't sound all that extreme, and certainly doesn't sound like much of a step up from the theatrical version.

In fact, take a look at the MPAA's website, which shows the ratings of other Terminator movies, as well as the theatrical version of Salvation.


I'm someone who had a fair bit of fun with Terminator Salvation, even if it was a disappointment compared to the greatness the series achieved under James Cameron in the past, as well as how awesome the trailer made it look. I didn't have a problem with the lack of "hardcore" violence - although I imagine that was a nerve that was not only touched but crushed for some viewers. By the sounds of it, I don't think this DVD/Blu-ray version will be drastically different to the one we saw in theaters, and yet the "Director's Cut" label will most likely snag the money of those who're hoping for something a bit more full-on than the theatrical version.

Only time will tell...

What do you think about the Director's Cut of the fourth Terminator getting an R-Rating? Does it sound to you like it will be that much different from the theatrical version?

The Director's Cut of Terminator Salvation is apparently going to be released on DVD and Blu-ray sometime soon. Screen Rant will keep you posted on when.

Source: UGO via /Film

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