Terminator Salvation Details; Schwarzenegger Cameo In Doubt

With Terminator Salvation mere weeks away, it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger's involvement in the film is still far from certain. Despite numerous reports that Schwarzenegger would return in his signature role of the T-800 (for a cameo) it now looks like Schwarzenegger might not be back after all.

Director McG spoke with MTV about the star's involvement in the film and he also gave away a few tidbits about the plot of the film. Meanwhile, Moviehole has some news on where (and how) Schwarzenegger would be integrated into the film.


When speaking to MTV about Schwarzenegger's participation in the film, McG said:

"Today is April 10th, I'm doing this interview on April 10th and we don't know if Schwarzenegger is in the movie or not; it's not clear. I can say that."

With regards to the plot of the action epic, the Charlie's Angels director said:

"This film is largely about Skynet collecting human tissue in the interest of creating lifelike tissue for the T-800, which is the Schwarzenegger character, and if you think about it, we had to go through a lot of lab rats to get to the polio vaccine. Skynet has to go through a lot of human beings to get to that realistic T-800. Kyle Reese always talks about the T-600 being easy to recognize - a rubber skin, prosthetic look. We've got two T-600s in the film, but it's (about)the coming of the T-800, which represents lifelike human flesh being grown in order to get to that level of proficiency.

It's a complicated, delicate balancing act as of now. The jury is still out."

Moviehole believes that the above-mentioned jury is "ILM" and that the main problem is that the special effects company is having difficulty superimposing Schwarzenegger's visage onto the body of body-builder and Schwarzenegger look-alike, Roland Kickinger.

With regards to where Arnold Schwarzenegger would appear in the film, Moviehole has the following scoop:

"It's a fight sequence in an industrial setting involving, of course, a naked T-800 (who we see mostly from behind -probably because they don't want anyone to see that it isn't Arnold in the part) and John Connor, going at it. It's very clear that the character is supposed to be Arnold's from the first-film, but Kickinger's, er, back and behind, is billed."

The appearance of Schwarzenegger in Terminator Salvation lies in the struggle between man and machine. Pretty ironic.

Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale and Sam Worthington opens on May 21st.

Sources: MTV, Moviehole

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