SR Pick [Video]: Terminator Salvation Deleted Scene Spoof

There's never been any question on how I feel about Terminator Salvation. If there was a sample of hype-in-a-bottle failure, it had a McG label on it during the summer.

Our most recent Screen Rant Pick features a humorous and intrepid team of filmmakers that have released what I think could have been a significant (but fake and completely unofficial) additional deleted scene from Terminator Salvation.

The only thing more horrifying than the actual film were the plans to release a "Director's Cut" DVD and Blu-ray, which had terribly thin features, and no viable commentary. What's worse, the aforementioned Director's Cut was a mere 3 minutes longer.

Note to McG: If only 3 minutes and boobs makes your film the definitive "Director's Cut", I vote for releasing what you showcased in theaters and then heading home to prepare another Charlie's Angels entry.

When we cast aside the negatives, collect the value and positive material from Terminator Salvation, we see something that had so much unrealized potential. Just take a look at what the movie COULD'VE been:


Humor has always been a grand tool to soothe disappointment and I think that the puppetry, the over-the-top approach, and (believe it or not) the detail in the second portion (approximating the police staff sergeant) in this clip help to lessen the impact of a disappointing Terminator Salvation. It's truly worthy of sharing with anyone that's a Terminator fan.

Tell us what you think of the concept and detail contained here in the discussion area below!

Source: Barely Digital

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