New 'Terminator Salvation' & 'Crank 2' Posters

Yesterday, the final poster for Crank 2: High Voltage appeared online in addition to a brand new one for Terminator Salvation.

We’ll start with the good one first: The new Terminator poster. Like the other Terminator Salvation images and posters, this one is pretty cool. In it, we see head of a destroyed Terminator unit being held by a resistance fighter – finally a poster that shows something positive for the good guys!

Next we have Crank which is just Jason Statham on a yellow background. That’s it. This particular poster interestingly was first revealed through Lionsgate’s Twitter account.

I’m not excited for the Crank sequel and if I was, perhaps this poster would be pretty cool. I barely enjoyed the first one and I didn’t enjoy Transporter 3 so I’m getting pretty tired of these Jason Statham solo action films. He needs to get back into good roles like his Guy Ritchie characters or Handsome Rob from The Italian Job movie (at least we may be getting more of the ladder with The Brazilian Job if it every comes out).

That being said, Statham does make for a great action-oriented character I just don't like the roles he gets with them - Perhaps his character in The Expendables will be perfect.

The newest installment for the Terminator franchise however, I am very excited for. Much of that excitement came from the latest full trailer for Terminator Salvation which was incredible (That's a must-watch if you've not seen it yet).

What do you think of these posters?

Terminator Salvation opens May 21, 2009 and Crank 2: High Voltage opens April 17, 2009.

Sources: IGN, Lionsgate

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