New Images From A Bunch Of New Movies

To celebrate the New Year Entertainment Weekly has a brand new gallery of fresh images for some of the most anticipated movies of this year. They include the highly anticipated Terminator Salvation (which made number 4 on Screen Rant's most anticipated movies of 2009), Public Enemies (which made number 7 on our list), X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which made it to number 5 on our list) and Watchmen (which was lucky enough to top our list).

Here are just a few from the films mentioned, the rest you can check out over at Entertainment Weekly's gallery:

Christian Bale sneaks up on a robot in Terminator Salvation

Johnny Depp in Public Enemies

The Comedian smiles for the camera in Watchmen

Wolverine gets angry in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

All four of the above are awesome images for what look like awesome movies (well, maybe the Wolverine image is a little silly looking). All of them are high on my "must-see" list (although Wolverine just missed the cut for my personal top 10 most anticipated list). Personally of the four images above I prefer the Terminator Salvation one, just because it's so damn cool to see both one of my favorite actors and the iconic terminator design together in one shot.

Head over to for more pics including shots from Up, Angels and Demons, and Where the Wild Things Are.

What's your take on these images; which is your favorite and why?

Source: EW

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