15The T-1000 Sound Effects Were Made by Condoms and Dog Food 

Terminator 2 Mistakes T-1000 Head Split

Terminator 2: Judgment Day was the most expensive film ever made for its era: the movie's groundbreaking digital effects made it the first Hollywood production with a budget over $100 million ($102 million to be exact).

This was largely devoted to the liquid metal morphing abilities of the T-1000 (played

by Robert Patrick). Be that as it may, the sound effects that accompanied the cyborg's morphing transformation abilities was decidedly low tech: the effect was created by submerging a condom inside a mixture of flour and water. And the sound when Patrick squeezed through prison bars was achieved by dog food oozing out of a can.

Other inventive effects included throwing glass into yogurt (for the sound of the T-1000 getting shot by a gun), and a pistachio smashed by a metal plate (for the skull crushed by the T-800 in the film's opening sequence).

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