Terminator: 10 Hilarious Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

With Terminator: Dark Fate coming out next month, many fans are concerned about the future of this long-standing franchise. The fact that it’s still going is impressive, which demonstrates how relevant these films are in relation to our growing dependence on technology and the advancement of AI.

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Spanning several decades, the Terminator franchise began as a stand-alone '80s action film that served as the directorial debut for James Cameron and features one of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s most iconic performances. Then following several sequels a remake and a TV show, its legacy is further demonstrated in these hilarious memes.

10 Where Men Cried

When it comes to showing emotions, there’s always a double-standard between the genders. For instance, women are expected to be more emotional than men by societal standards. Thus, they are theoretically more prone to being easily swayed by tear-jerking movies like The Notebook.

But as this meme points out, there are certain movies that arguably make men just as emotional as women. One of those is Terminator 2: Judgement Day, which made the T-800 Terminator (Schwarzenegger’s character) more sympathetic than the cold-blooded killer from the first movie The Terminator. So this meme becomes hilarious because it goes against the standard notion that men don’t cry while women do.

9 I’ll Bee Back

Aside from the intense action scenes and decent practical effects that still hold up today, The Terminator also had some memorable lines. Though arguably the one almost everyone knows is “I’ll be back,” which Schwarzenegger’s T-800 says before breaking into a police station with a car to get to Sarah Connor.

So this meme turns that iconic line into a pun related to bees while also photoshopping a beekeeping suit over The Terminator poster image. Thus, it makes the T-800 less intimidating than when he's sporting the black leather biker look. Plus, the idea of a cyborg programmed to kill people dealing with bees is a hilarious notion in itself.

8 Is This A Terminator?

Following The Terminator, the notion of humanoid robots took on a more sinister edge with the public in spite of predecessors such as Gort from The Day The Earth Stood Still. So now, whenever a humanoid robot shows up people automatically associate them with Terminators which this meme makes fun of.

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Yet this meme becomes more hilarious if one knows the anime this screenshot was taken from. Titled The Brave Fighter of Sun Fighbird, this early 90s anime was about an alien android named Yutaro Katori who transforms into a fighting robot. But the reason this anime’s relevant is because there’s a scene where Katori mistakes a butterfly for a pigeon, which recently got turned into a popular meme.

7 "Don't Interrupt Me"

While people do associate humanoid robots that are being developed in the real world with Terminators, they also like to compare them with other fictional robots. Hence this meme where an image of C-3PO from the Star Wars franchise slowly transitions into a Terminator.

A major component of this meme’s hilarity is the visual representation of C-3PO getting irritated at being interrupted while he’s trying to talk. This makes sense as C-3PO does talk a lot in the movies, and gets easily irritated, particularly with R2-D2. Plus, if we interpreted the meme literally it implies C-3PO’s going to eliminate whoever’s interrupting him which is funny because it’s something he normally wouldn’t do.

6 Salvation Is Here

Following the surprising success of Terminator 2 and its direct sequel Terminator 3, the franchise was taken in a new direction with Terminator Salvation. Set in the distant future, the film focused on Sarah’s son John Connor leading the human resistance against the machine empire created by the AI Skynet.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t as big of a hit as people had hoped and seemingly killed off the Terminator movie franchise until Genisys came along. Yet there are a few people who did like the film, as parodied in this meme using a screenshot of Thanos from Avengers: Infinity War. Though what makes this meme particularly hilarious is the quote as it’s a pun on the title of the fourth Terminator movie.

5 Just A Few More Years

In just about every entry of the Terminator franchise, the main conflict involves humans having to outsmart and destroy the titular cyborg(s). Because despite being made of flesh and blood on the outside, their internal skeletons are metallic and extremely durable, regardless of the model.

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Though the tagline in this meme over a screenshot of Kyle Reese from The Terminator is hilarious because it plays into the notion that machines eventually break down after a few years. With that said, the T-800 functions for 120 years which is only 20 years above the longest possible human lifespan. Still, the meme’s hilarity is in its simple solution to the ongoing conflict in the Terminator movies.

4 Sleeping On Your Hand

As we toss and turn physically in our sleep, we never know what position our bodies will be in after getting up. Sometimes, though, we end up sleeping on our hand by accident causing it to go numb as a result.

The feeling that follows is perfectly represented in this meme, which uses a screenshot of the T-800 looking at his exposed metallic arm in The Terminator. Combined with the tagline, though, it becomes hilarious. Because effectively, the meme turns a very menacing scene from the movie into more of a trivial matter that’s relatable, as exemplified in the T-800’s expression.

3 Kevin Feige's Fears

Compared to other superhero movies, Avengers: Endgame officially became the highest-grossing film of all time. As a result, it surpassed Avatar and Titanic which were both directed by James Cameron following his success with the Terminator movies.

So the joke in this meme is that Kevin Feige, Endgame’s producer, is paranoid Cameron might recreate the events of The Terminator in real life and prevent Endgame from happening. Not only is the implication funny since it won’t happen, but also Thor’s expressions match the words perfectly. Plus, the fact that these screenshots are taken from Avengers: Age of Ultron makes it more hilarious since the movie deals with a killer AI.


Due to the existence of bots, which are automated programs that hackers can use, many websites enforce their security by having users take CAPTCHA Tests before logging on. These involve selecting tiles in pictures that contain particular images in order to theoretically authenticate a person from a ‘robot’ as they put it.

However, these tests aren’t as easy as they look as the programming behind them is very precise. Thus, there’s a high chance of failing them, though they have gotten easier. So this meme makes fun of that notion by implying the user who keeps failing to pass the CAPTCHA Test is a robot, or a Terminator in this case, which makes it hilarious.

1 Who’s Next?

Though the actress who played as Sarah Connor has been mostly consistent in the movies, there were a couple of instances where she was portrayed by someone else. But the biggest irony is that both of the other actresses who portrayed Sarah were also in Game of Thrones.

Hence, this meme that shows Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke as Sarah in the Terminator TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the reboot film Terminator Genisys respectively. Additionally, it poses the question of which other Game of Thrones actors might show up in future Terminator films. This question, in turn, becomes hilarious as the meme photoshops different Game of Thrones characters as Terminator ones.

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