[SPOILERS ahead for Terminator: Genisys.]

Paramount Pictures’ marketing for Terminator: Genisys has the odd distinction of having maybe given too much away about the upcoming soft reboot (or “re-invention”, as it’s been called) of the Terminator franchise – but having also not shed much light on the movie’s plot. Specifically, there are now multiple trailers/TV spots and posters that’ve revealed one of the movie’s big twists – where grown-up John Connor (Jason Clarke) becomes a cyborg antagonist part-way through the story – yet the mechanics of the Genisys narrative remain a mystery.

The above Genisys TV spot is a good example of this – it features an appearance by robo-Connor, but only scratches the surface of what Sarah Connor’s (Emilia Clarke) claim that “Everything’s changed” really means. Basically, we know what the premise for the film is – Kyle Reese (now played by Jai Courtney) travels back to a parallel version of the 1984 setting featured in James Cameron’s original Terminator movie – but what leads to (and results from) that setup is less clear.

It’s also difficult to tell whether or not we’ll be getting a lot of Inception-style expository dialogue in Genisys, with certain characters (like Sarah Connor) quickly explaining to other people (like J.K. Simmons, featured in the below TV spot for the film) what’s happening at any given moment . Then again, Reese’s line in the following clip might be the better harbinger of what to expect in Genisys – namely, a number of sequences where characters tell the confused people around them: stop asking question and instead focus on defeating whatever killer robot is after them at any given moment.

The below clip also plays around with the idea of characters in Genisys not knowing what’s going on around them – in this case, for humorous effect, while at the same time building on the scene shortly before it (where Kyle and Sarah cross paths for the first time). Give it a watch, if you like.

Genisys was scripted by Laeta Kalogridis (Shutter Island) and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry), but right now it’s difficult to say whether or not the new time-travel plot twists they’ve thrown into play will effectively “reset” the Terminator movie timeline – or will just leave moviegoers scratching their heads, afterwards. The writing pair have definitely taken an ambitious approach with this attempt to restore the Terminator franchise to its former glory – and if the script’s as solid as the film’s cast have claimed it to be, then those scribes just might be successful in their endeavor.

Meanwhile, the direction by Alan Taylor on Genisys, from what we’ve seen thus far, appears to be as serviceable (perhaps better) than his work on Thor: The Dark World. Problem is, we’re at a point where the new Terminator installment needs to either hit a home run – or the next best thing. So, even if Taylor and his production team have indeed done solid work overall here, that might not be enough to ensure that Genisys can go toe to toe with the competition – and if that affects the box office, then Paramount make abandoned those plans for a new Terminator movie trilogy (like what happened with Terminator: Salvation in 2009).

Last, but not least, check out the newest poster released for Terminator: Genisys:

 Terminator: Genisys TV Spots, Clip & Poster: Whatevers Going On Is Complicated

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Terminator: Genisys opens in U.S. theaters on July 1st, 2015.

Source: Paramount Pictures

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