Terminator Sequels Won't Have Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor

After the lukewarm response to the fifth sequel in the series, Terminator Genisys, many fans wondered if the franchise had finally said “hasta la vista, baby.” However, the film still managed to pull in a respectable $440 million worldwide. But its relatively poor domestic performance still caused production company Skydance to pull the sixth film from their production slate in order to “readjust” their plans for the franchise.

Recently, actor and Terminator staple Arnold Schwarzenegger announced he was “looking forward to” the future of the franchise. However, while Schwarzenegger is up for another go-round, his most recent Sarah Connor, actress Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), won’t be back.

In a recent interview with Coming Soon for her upcoming film Me Before You, the actress revealed that she’s put the franchise behind her. Clarke is direct in her answer, which immediately confirms the franchise will have to find someone else for the role:

“No. Can I say that? It’s okay. No. Uh-uh. But I have some very different roles coming up.”

Clearly, the versatile actress is interested in branching out more diverse roles at the moment, such as the one in her upcoming film. She does offer some insight into her cinematic choices, though, as well as an amusing anecdote from the making of Terminator: Genisys:

“I read the book [Me Before You] and it was just the most beautiful thing I had ever read. I was shooting ‘Terminator’ at the time and had a rocket launcher in my hand while crying like a little girl. I felt like the author, Jojo Moyes, had found a part of me and just wrote it down. I knew that I just had to play the role.”

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones

It’s entirely possible Genisys’ disappointing returns led to Clarke's decision not to return if the series actually does continue. Following the film’s mediocre returns and the lackluster response from fans, she may have decided to distance herself from the stalling franchise and to tackle roles that have more personal meaning to her. But after fighting off futuristic androids and six grueling seasons as Daenerys Targaryen, taming dragons and fighting for control of Westeros, the actress probably doesn’t mind taking on a relatively lighthearted part for a change. Clarke says of her character in the upcoming rom-com:

“This role is the complete opposite [of Sarah Connor]. It’s affecting, but it’s a comedy as well.”

And while it’s disappointing to see the new Sarah Connor walk away from the Terminator series after just one film, Clarke's departure won’t necessarily sink the franchise. In fact, it may force the producers to come up with a more interesting idea than simply revisiting the same but slightly skewed Sarah Connor-centric timeline again and again. There's no telling where the franchise might go, but the Terminator films have survived several middling entries and could still make a solid comeback, depending on which direction the studio decides to take the 32-year-old property.

Clarke’s film Me Before You comes to theaters on June 3. We’ll bring your further updates on the Terminator franchise when available.

Source: Coming Soon

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