'Terminator: Genesis' Now Simply Titled 'Terminator'?

New reports suggest that Alan Taylor’s upcoming ‘Terminator 5’ won’t be titled ‘Terminator: Genesis.'

Terminator Genesis Just Title Terminator

James Cameron’s The Terminator has seen three sequels, the last of which, Terminator: Salvation, was set in the wake of Judgement Day - the date Skynet’s artificial intelligence became self aware and declared war on humanity. The newest entry in the franchise, Terminator 5, is set to go back in time rather than forward, as plot details suggest the new film will revisit events from The Terminator and Terminator 2. Official plot details have been nearly nonexistent, and fans have had to glean what little information possible from set photos and casting announcements.

With little known about the official story of Terminator 5, it at least seemed to have an official title. But new reports suggest Terminator: Genesis is no longer the name of the upcoming addition to the franchise, if it ever officially was.

According to Bleeding Cool's sources, licensing, merchandise, and toys that will tie in to Taylor’s upcoming Terminator film are being branded as Terminator tie-ins; no where is Terminator: Genesis mentioned, nor will the film be branded like the original as The Terminator.

In the past, Terminator 5 has been likened to Back to the Future in terms of plot structure and Taylor has said that Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins will act as an inspiration for his reboot of the series. J.K. Simmons, who has a role in Terminator 5, said the upcoming movie is a “smart re-imagining” rather than a sequel or reboot.

Terminator Genesis Just Title Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger
"Sarah Connor?"

If the title for this new movie is simply Terminator, then it only helps arguments that claim it to be a reboot, though that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Chris Miller and Phil Lord have found success with 21 Jump Street and its sequel; the Daniel Craig James Bond films have been incredibly successful; and, of course, Nolan had unprecedented success in terms of superhero films with his Dark Knight trilogy.

Reboots can offer new insight into a beloved franchise in a manner that is entertaining and fun for fans, while also doing well at the box office. With Terminator 5 opening in 2015 along with Jurassic World and the Josh Trank’s The Fantastic Four, fans will see more than one reboot next year.

Whether all of these films will live up to their original franchises - and Terminator can hold a candle to the 1984 original - won’t be seen until next year.


Terminator hits theaters July 1st, 2015.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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