Edward Furlong Talks About Finally Returning to Terminator Series

Edward Furlong, who played John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, talks about finally returning to the franchise after nearly 30 years.

Edward Furlong has spoken about returning to the Terminator franchise in Terminator: Dark Fate. Furlong played the character John Connor in the 1991 film Terminator 2: Judgement Day alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton. The actor never came back for any of the Terminator sequels, but at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, it was revealed that Furlong would return for Terminator: Dark Fate.

While Furlong has been cast in Terminator: Dark Fate, he isn't the only returning cast member coming back for the sixth Terminator. In 2017, Schwarzenegger confirmed he was returning along with producer James Cameron, who is developing a new Terminator trilogy to reinvent the series. While several actresses have played Sarah Connor over the years, the original actress, Hamilton, is also coming back for Dark Fate. Robert Patrick also said he would reprise his role as a T-1000, but that seems unlikely to happen at this point since Gabriel Luna is the new Terminator in Dark Fate. Fans were thrilled to hear that Furlong would play John Connor again and now the actor has made a statement about returning to the series.

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After he attended a Terminator reunion panel at Silicon Valley Comic-Con, The Arnold Fans got a chance to ask Furlong a few questions. When asked if a CGI version of the young John Connor was going to be in the film or if Furlong was returning as an adult, the actor responded, "I’m not allowed to say anything, but yeah, yeah man, I mean it’s a small role but it’s, you know, I’m in there, man! I’m in there." Furlong added, "I’m glad to be back on it, I’m really, really happy to be doing it." Furlong expressed his emotions about coming back to the franchise in a statement that can be read below:

"It was like a blessing man. I was very excited you know, like really uh, yeah I was trying to turn my life around at that point – so I mean it was uh, it was kinda a good call to get, you know? It kinda felt like a gift from all that you know, plus I was supposed to do the other Terminator but I done f***ed that s*** up, So I gotta tell you, I was proud."

After the poor reception of Terminator: Genisysit was thought that future sequels were canceled, but producer Dana Goldberg later explained the Terminator franchise was just re-adjusting. The last two sequels were panned by critics and were also rated PG-13, but Terminator: Dark Fate will be rated RDark Fate will also ignore the last three sequels and take place after the events of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Needless to say, the Terminator franchise has certainly re-adjusted since 2015.

Despite Furlong having several run-ins with the law and substance abuse issues, the actor has continued to act ever since his debut in 1991. Terminator 2 started his career and with many people believing Judgement Day is the best film in the series, people are looking forward to seeing a reunion of the three main actors on the big screen. That being said, Terminator: Dark Fate will be Furlong's first movie since 2017 when he acted in The Reunion, so he is likely just as happy to see John Connor return as fans are.

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Source:  The Arnold Fans

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