Theory: Terminator 6 Will Retcon T2: Judgment Day

Where Is John Connor in Terminator 6?

John Connor has had a wild ride as a character throughout the franchise. He’s been played by a new actor in every entry, including Christian Bale and Jason Clarke. Sadly, there’s not much consistency in his behavior from sequel to sequel for this reason, with Terminator: Genisys managing to mess up one of its most intriguing concepts – Connor being transformed into a Terminator himself. While it’s a safe bet young John Connor will appear in a Terminator 2 flashback, there’s no word whatsoever on his present-day whereabouts in the next movie.

There are rumors suggesting Edward Furlong himself will make an appearance as Connor somewhere in the movie, but this is far from confirmed. Either John’s role is being kept a surprise, or perhaps he died at some point after the events of Judgment Day. This would be a tragic turn of events, but it would also necessitate the need for a new resistance leader. Terminator 6 is said to focus primarily on a new heroine named Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes), so perhaps Diego Luna’s terminator is sent after her because she’ll be a key figure in the future war, while Mackenzie Davis’ mysterious soldier is sent to protect her. Set photos show Davis’ character with numerous, strange scars on her body, with speculation being she’s some kind of human/cyborg hybrid.

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What Does All This Mean For Terminator 6?

One of the reasons James Cameron passed on Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines is that he didn’t have a concept he was passionate about. Since he created the franchise, the rights reverted back to him following Terminator: Genisys, and he worked closely with T6 director Tim Miller and a writer’s room to brainstorm a potential new trilogy. Since a lot of the far-fetched ideas of the earlier movies have since come to pass – like drone warfare and advanced A.I. - he felt there was plenty of fresh ground to cover.

In short, it appears Terminator 6 will very much be about legacy, of both the franchise and the concepts it promoted. The movie will also be a passing of the torch, with plans for a new trilogy – if T6 is a success – to follow new characters instead. While it would be an odd creative choice to retcon the T-800's death from Terminator 2: Judgment Day, it would also be fascinating to see how a machine would evolve over the course of decades to become almost human. Genisys touched on this idea, but it seems like Terminator 6 will actually flesh it out. The big question mark is what role – if any – John Connor will play, but since the character has taken center stage for the last few movies, fresh blood might be needed to carry the series forward.

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