Terminator 6 Adds Young Schwarzenegger T-800 Actor

Tim Miller's Terminator has cast actor Brett Azar in an undisclosed role. Terminator marks creator James Cameron first return to the series since Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Cameron turned down the chance to return for previous sequels since he felt the story had been wrapped up effectively with the second movie, and he wanted to work on new projects. However, when the franchise rights reverted back to him after 30 years, he decided a new movie commenting on the huge advances in technology and artificial intelligence in the years since could make for a ripe update.

Cameron hired Tim Miller (Deadpool) to direct the new movie, which will simply be called Terminator. Concrete plot details have yet to emerge, though its known both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton will reprise their iconic roles from the original movies, alongside a cast of newcomers that includes Mackenzie Davis and Gabriel Luna. Cameron will produce the movie and has confirmed it will ignore Terminators 3-5 and will act as the true third instalment.

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One of the few memorable moments from previous sequel Terminator: Genisys was the sequence where an older T-800 fights his younger self during the timeline of the original movie. Brett Azar played the young T-800 in Genisys for this battle, with CGI being used to complete his transformation into Arnold Schwarzenegger circa 1984. Azar has now taken to his Facebook profile (via The Terminator Fans) to confirm he's coming back for the next entry too.

While Azar doesn't state what role he'll play in Terminator, it's safe to assume he'll either be doubling for young Schwarzenegger again or playing a new Terminator model. If he is playing a de-aged Arnold once again, that may indicate more time-travel hijinks or some kind of flashback sequence. Miller has previously stated the sequel will be embracing Arnold's age instead of trying to hide it, so the character won't be de-aged for the entire movie.

The team behind Terminator are saying all the right things so far to get scoured fans back onboard. The last 3 movies in the saga have been disappointing in various ways, and its doubtful anyone will really mourn their banishment to alternate timelines. That said, its risky for Cameron himself to revisit what many feel is his crowning achievement as a filmmaker, so hopefully whatever he has in store for the new trilogy can live up to the legacy of the series.

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Source: The Terminator Fans

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