Terminator 6 Set Photos Feature Battle-Scarred Mackenzie Davis

A battle-scarred Mackenzie Davis stars in the first set photos from Terminator 6. After years of the franchise being out of his reach, James Cameron is rebooting his beloved series. He's collaborating with Deadpool director Tim Miller to breathe new life into the franchise. That won't be done without a bit of familiarity though, as both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton are returning. Unlike Terminator and T2 (the only films that are canon moving forward), they aren't the focus.

The reboot will star newcomer Natalia Reyes as Dani Ramos, who will be hunted down by a new Terminator played by Gabriel LunaBlade Runner 2049 star Mackenzie Davis is also a big part of the reboot and she'll be taking on the protector role it appears. She was previously described as a soldier-assassin type, and that lines up with her look on set.

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Just Jared debuted the first set photos from Terminator 6 that feature Davis filming for the first time, taken as production kicks off in Madrid, Spain. The close up shots of Davis reveal plenty of scars, presumably from her days in combat. Davis can be seen between takes working out, but once the camera is rolling, its up to her to save the day.


These may be just a few unofficial photos, but Davis makes a strong first impression in them regardless. There's certainly some Sarah Connor vibes from her already, but she isn't playing the same type of role. If anything, she looks to be closer to a Kyle Reese type character. If that's the case, Davis will be tasked with protecting Reyes from Luna. Based on these images, they don't leave much room for doubt that she can get the job done.

Now that production is underway, these will likely be just the first of many groupings of set photos to surface. Fans of the franchise are eager to see what Luna will look like as a Terminator in reality, even if the fan-made concepts have impressed. There's also the first look at Reyes as the new franchise lead to come, as well as the inevitable reveals of Schwarzenegger and Hamilton back in their iconic roles. Hopefully the future photos that are released (either officially or unofficially) provide a bit more insight into the film. If not, there's even more time to wait thanks to Terminator 6's recent release date change, but it will all hopefully be worth the wait.

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Source: Just Jared

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