There Doesn't Need To Be Another Terminator Movie

Can Terminator 6 Fix The Franchise?

It's hard to know what angle another Terminator could take that hasn't been explored, and it feels like the last thing the series needs is another sequel that promises to be better than the last one. On that end though, there's reason to be optimistic. Cameron stayed away from the series because he didn't have a concept that excited him, but in interviews discussing the sixth movie, he appears genuinely jazzed about where the story is going. He, Tim Miller and the writing team have already mapped out three movies and state the next story will be a logical progression of the characters following T2.

The new movie will ignore Terminators 3-5, with Cameron dismissing them as alternate timeline tales. One of the reasons the post-Judgment Day entries suffered was because they lacked Cameron's guidance; case in point, one of the few inspired touches of Genisys was the idea Terminator's age like regular people to explain Arnie's appearance, was a throwaway idea by Cameron. Cameron has also lived to see his sci-fi ideas become science fact, with the rise of A.I., drone warfare and humanity gradually merging with technology. The original movies still feel timely, so it will interesting to see what's on Cameron's mind 30 years later.

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Thanks to the rise of geri-action movies like Taken or The Expendables, aging actors have found a second lease of life in the action genre, and show age is no barrier to kicking butt. Sarah Connor remains one of the most iconic female action heroes of the genre, evolving from terrified victim to unstoppable warrior. Hamilton's return will give the genre the older female badass it needs, and provide the next step in Connor's onscreen evolution; especially after Genisys thoroughly failed to do the character justice.

Both Cameron and Miller acknowledge the next movie might be rejected, and their planned trilogy could fall through. Terminator fans have been let down by the series for nearly 25 years, and it will take something special to convince them there's anywhere left to go. The storyline for Terminator 6 is still under wraps, with only nuggets of information being revealed about new characters and possible castings like Mackenzie Davis as a new lead character, but a clearer picture won't emerge until filming starts this summer. With Cameron, Arnie, Hamilton and a whole host of talented filmmakers backing it, this is the best chance the series has had of a rebirth in a very long time – because if it fails, the franchise is likely terminated for good.

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